I'm Fiona, the person behind FIONERD
Life experience: Level 24. Current location: Sunderland, UK.

Nerd / nəːd or nurd /  A foolish  person who lacks social skills or an intelligent but single-minded person obsessed with a nonsocial hobby or pursuit

I wish I could write a long list of exciting hobbies and thoughts but in reality all I'm known for is grabbing the nearest persons attention when there is a dog in the vicinity and. Seriously, how great are dogs? Personally, I like all dogs. And I love pizza. And I read a lot too. That's generally all you need to know.

Somehow I manage to blog about slightly interesting things like books, games and food on a semi-regular basis as a way to document my happenings as I try to become a functioning adult. Being an adult is hard. I just want to dick about on the internet. Sometimes I make and sell things over in my Etsy Store or videos on YouTube

FIONERD launched in July 2013 as Hello Cynical Badger which wins all internet competition names hands down. It changed to North East Nerd before becoming FIONERD in July 2016. Hopefully, it won't change again. 

Don't be shy! You can contact me about anything via e-mail (northeastnerd@gmail.com) or twitter (@fionerd), these are generally my favourite platforms.


Since July 2014 I have worked with other bloggers to bring new content to FIONERD, all of which are identified as Guest Posts with exaggeration that the words shared are provided by someone else.

From November 2014, all gifted products or free services I received from companies or organisations in order to review or promote are marked with an asterix (*) in the post title. This includes promotion of links to web pages or information in another media form. All opinions are my own and I am 100% honest when reviewing. Other products featured on the site are generally things I have bought myself or have been gifted (by friends or family) that I just want to shout about.

All posts described above can be found under the Collaboration label. I am happy to answer any questions about any of these posts.