1 March 2017

March Goals 2017

From last month:

1. Reach 65k in my current wip (currently at 51k) ✔️️
2. Not give a fuck about consistency ✔️️
3. Finish playing The Walking Dead Season 1 ✖️️
4. Do everything in my power to get involved ✖️️
5. Exercise sometimes ✔️️

February was productive in a lot of ways but also tiring. This month I realised how little I care for blogging (WENT THERE) because I personally have no interest in non-fiction at the moment or other people's lives. I can't believe how much time I used to put into blogging to share every meal I went to or every visit. I never lived in the moment and now that I haven't stuck to it, it feels like it was a waste. So honestly, when it comes to blogging don't expect much from me. I'm too busy planning other things or reading. 

I'm going to take a step back, like I have been since August basically, because being away from blogging makes me happy at the moment. I have more time to focus on other things and it feels productive and good. Blogging has never really made me happy. 

I'm continuing this series just for myself more than anything.

1. Reach 15k in my new wip (currently at 5k)

I finished BL! I got to 65k and actually finished the plot. I realised that the world I was writing is so big that I might have to make it a two part series (maybe more? Even though when I started I really didn't want this to be more than one book but HEY HO) but I'll figure that out when I go back to read and edit it. I was thinking about BL too much in the weekend that followed completion that I decided to just start my next project (CYNATS) earlier than planned. It's a contemporary which doesn't mean it's easier but since it's based in a world I live in and shaped by personal experiences then I think knocking out a first draft will be fun. It will distract me for the next couple of months and once that is a more or less complete first draft I can get back to BL.

2. Record and edit some episodes of my 100 Bairn Challenge

My 100 Bairn Challenge got nominated on a sims forum as best Sims 4 challenge and funniest overall challenge which is so wild and wonderful and I don't feel like I deserve it. I haven't uploaded or played in a while and I want to come back to it in March, even if it's just one or two episodes. I really want to keep my channels active even if videos are few and far between but to record and make videos takes so much time.

3. Keep exercising on a relaxed regular routine

When I can, I run once a week with a local running group and I actually enjoy it. I want to run with them every Tuesday in March and go out on my own as well. This is such a positive lifestyle change and I can't believe how much I look forward to it. 

4. Finish playing the Walking Dead Season 1

Similar to the earlier point concerning channels. There were times when I was going to continue playing but I was home alone and it was dark and I just didn't want to scare myself - ha! I've played far enough ahead last month that there are still videos to come in March. I really want to complete it though.

5. Sort out my desktop

My desktop is littered with photos and thumbnails and my folders have so many untitled things that it is starting to drive me mad. It's such a small thing, but once I clear it up I should be able to focus more when I get on my computer.

Until next month :)

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  1. The Walking Dead games are sooooooooo good <3 Impatiently waiting for them to add more eps for Season 3!!!

  2. I love The Walking Dead but haven't played their games yet. I really should! Good luck with your March goals! :D