2 February 2017

February Goals 2017

1. Reach 30k in my current wip (currently at 12.5k) ✔️️
2. Read 2 books ✔️️
3. Finish Pokemon Moon ✔️️
4. Join the Gym ✖️️
5. Upload one video on both channels ✔️️

I don't want to start this post by going into detail about my January Goals and how well I achieved them or not because a lot of these goals are part of bigger things that are going to snowball, grow and constantly change. That's the whole point of doing monthly goals instead of yearly resolutions. I want to track my achievements and see myself progress through the year.  

I will say that January has been a good, productive month but also a weird one too. It's wild how many emotions I went through over the 31 days. Moving swiftly on to my goals for this month:

1. Reach 65k in my current wip (currently at 51k)

If you didn't check out My Write Club then I'll let you know I had a pretty good writing month in January helped greatly by a week off work. This month I won't have that luxury (or at least not until the very very end of the month) and right now, I'm writing blind having not actually finished this draft completely. A lot is going to happen from here on in with the novel and I need to knuckle down and actually write it. I'm excited to see what happens next and actuallly finishing things up. It's so close now.

2. Not give a fuck about consistency 

I'm obssessed with uploading things - be it my blog, youtube or tumblr - and you know what? There isn't any point in getting all uppity because I didn't upload anything one week. I am so busy with work and life and if I can't upload something then I just can't upload something. In my mind I've been trying to be more active but it just makes me miserable. I only want to upload things that I am happy with.

3. Finish playing The Walking Dead Season 1

Another month, another game I want to finish. In January I started playing Telltale's the Walking Dead and I am so absorbed in the story. It's seriously good, if you've never played it then get on that immediately. Finishing this game would not only be incredibly satisfying but it is going to be a series on my gaming channel from February 13th. Not a great series, but a series nonetheless. Completing it this month would mean a completed Let's Play series on that channel.

4. Do everything in my power to get involved

And by this I'm obviously taking about the new President (how has it only been like, a week? 2?) So far I've reblogged everything I can on my platforms (twitter and tumblr), wrote emails, signed petitons. Basically everything but donating money from my own pocket. I want to support more charities that I need to research in to and budget in some donations. I also need to remember to take time off, as should you if you're in the same boat. This is a marathon not a sprint so take care of yourself. 

5. Exercise sometimes

So I didn't join the gym last month. I fear everything about it and it's so stupid. Luckily I've found another way to exercise which is regular and cheaper than what I was going to pay for the gym. If I can stick at it for this month then I know I'll be okay.

How did your January go? Have you made good progress on any goals you set yourself?

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  1. Haha I joined the gym last month and still haven't been! ;D I too have found a better/less daunting way to exercise. Gone back to my good old power walks.

    My goal for today is to write a blog post but I kept getting distracted so I ended up checking out blogs in my Feedly.

    cuteek.com | geek lifestyle

    Good luck with your goals Fiona 'You can doo itttt'


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