26 January 2017

Lush Products I Couldn't Live Without

Excuse the melodramatic title, but it's slightly true. There are some Lush products that are so vital to my getting ready routine that if they were to suddenly discontinue I wouldn't know what to do. Today I thought I'd share with you some of my non-bath-bomb absolute Lush favourites.

The brilliant thing about these first three products is that they all feel like they last forever. I can't remember when I last bought them and they've been used pretty much every single day. I would be bummed if they were discontinued, and I've seen Lush discontinue favourites like the Space Girl bath bomb but it's good to know that if I did stock up, I'd be covered for a very long time. I've linked every product so you can go ahead and add them to your basket easily - none of these are affiliate links, these products are so good that I want to share them with you. Most, if not all, should be available in stores too.

The 9 to 5 Cleanser is hands down the best product I've ever found for removing make up. I've tried the waters, and the creams and other fancies that say they gently remove make up only to have to go and rub my eyes raw because they can't handle a little mascara. It's not perfect, but it does the best job on a night time routine or, if we're being completely honest, getting rid of yesterdays mascara that has created panda eyes in the morning.

No Drought dry shampoo has one of the most subtle but refreshing smells and this magical product means I don't have to wash my hair for two or three days in a row which is a godsend when trying to maintain bright coloured hair. I often get most compliments about how bright my hair is on days when I use the dry shampoo instead of the days I've actually washed it.

I have tried many of the hand creams available but my all time favourite is Handy Gurugu - thick, rich and creamy this makes my hands feel instantly better - even if I end up washing it off in the five minutes that follow because I don't like that greasy leftover feeling you get from hand creams. My hands suffer so much in winter and there are some days where it feels like I'm constantly washing my hands so it's great to grab a dollop of this and treat them. Also the smell is fast becoming a favourite.

Now these next two don't make it to my every day routine, but they are firm favourites that I turn to more often than not.

The queen of all fresh face masks: Catastrophe Cosmetic. Back in the day I did experiment with all the different face masks but this one just works perfectly for my skin. It's great for soothing blemishes and also makes my skin feel smooth and fresh. It's an instant pick me up that takes ten minutes and smells divine.

Feeling Secure - I've wanted to try the make up from Lush ever since the Christmas I worked there in 2013 but could never justify spending so much on eyeliner (£14.50 at time of posting). Now I have three in my collection (Fantasy and In Charge too) and they are so bright and stay true all day. Fantasy I wore practically every day since December 1st because it has such a festive vibe to it. Feeling Secure is my favourite of the lot because not only do I feel fierce when I wear it, the name of the product reminds me to feel secure, to not overthink how I look or what others think of my choices in make up that day. It sounds silly, but it is reassuring and just repeatiing "feel secure" in my head calms me down.

Do you use any of my favourites? What are your go to products from Lush?

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  1. When we get out tax return in I am treating myself to a Lush haul, so thanks for this! I'll definitely be snagging a few of these products!

  2. i'm always on the look out for some really economic and organic body products which last long and do wonders so this was an exciting new discovery i'm definitely putting these on my bucket list for sure.