2 January 2017

January Goals 2017

Long time no blog. Toward the end of last year I began to lose interest in a lot of things I was once really psyched about and this blog fell into that category. It's really saddened me that I haven't physically posted something on here for six months although I have tried. Believe me, I've tried. There are so many half finished drafts and ideas there but I just lacked the enthusiasm to make them great and follow through. 

However. Swept up in the whole New Year, New Me, Maybe this year won't be as bad as 2016 (like, the bar could not be lower) mentality I've decided to revive this blog along with other projects in the hope that this year I'll actually get something finished. If you were looking for my New Year Resolutions, you will not find them here. I need goals that are short term, ones that I won't forget. Welcome to my monthly goals. Yes, this blog is becoming a platform where I just shout about what I need to do but actually probably won't do it. I kid, I really hope I do these. And I hope to do mroe with this blog too.

Why monthly goals? Ever since I was a young pre-teen I've set myself goals and every single year, without fail, I forget them halfway through the year only to remember them the month before New Year and then feel bad for not completing anything I had set out to do despite doing a plethora of other great things in the year. Basically, New Year Resolutions suck. 

Each month I'm going to set myself five low-key goals that will work towards great things. Breaking down my Goodreads challenge into months, daunting things I keep putting off into a bullet point and letting everything just snowball in to greatness. So here they are, the first five things I set out to do in 2017:

1. Reach 30k in my current wip (currently at 12.5k)

I haven't linked you back to the post letting you know I won NaNoWriMo that one time in a while have I? I'm still working on it, having restarted it a few times and ironing out some creases. I started again in a 1.3 version in the middle of December and I'm determined to finish the actual plot. It's going well. I will hopefully track all my progress on My Write Club so you can keep up there.
2. Read 2 books

The amount of books I've read from year to year goes up and down. Last year I only just reached my target of 52 which I'm proud of, but I knew I could have done better had it not been for the whole losing interest in everything, hey-o. So this year I set the goal to read 25 books which comes to around 2 a month which is more manageable. I should be able to smash this over the entire year, but until then I'm breaking it down to 2-3 books a month. 

3. Finish Pokemon Moon

I'm so close to finishing this and I want to finish the story of the game this month. I also have 60% of the Pokedex complete so if I managed to get 100% then that would be awesome.  Recently I've got so wound up in work and projects that I do forget to make time to just chill and not focus about all this other pressure I've put on myself.

4. Join the Gym

I've meant to join a gym for a couple of months but I got anxious about it and didn't want to leave the house to drive there alone. Even after a quick visit with my boyfriend I haven't been back out to it. I would like to go and physically join it and use it this month, but I keep making excuses of life getting in the way. 

5. Upload one video on both channels 

I have two youtube channels; booktube and one for gaming which I've neglected along with this blog. Again, I put a lot of pressure on myself in terms of schedule and let the number of subscribers and views get to me when hoenstly I just enjoy making videos. I'm not commiting to a schedule of any kind yet but I really want to get back in to these.

Obviously, this all feels doomed to fall through much like New Year Resolutions, but if I can set goals for my self every month of the year and better yet complete some of them, then that would be just grand. If nothing else, I posted something on the blog for the first time in ages. Another thing I hope to continue through the year, time allowing.

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  1. Looking forward to new YouTube vids! They always make me smile. :) I definitely go up and down with goals in terms of actual follow through, but it does feel nice to have some form of plan in motion. Wishing you the best with your goals, and with 2017!