12 August 2016

6 Online Communities to Love

One of the reasons I've not blogged as much as I used to is because part of me hates areas of the blogging community. It always feels like it's a popularity contest and I'm just here to have fun. I mean, it's not a bad thing, but honestly? I'm bored of the same sort of posts again and again. These though. these are my oases in the desert that is my twitter or bloglovin' feed. The following are the places that I will always come back to.

You know, I wouldn't know half the people that I know now without this group. This is my idea of heaven when it comes to an online community that just wants to share interests and have fun. There are prompts basically every Friday to help you get creative and all kinds of fandoms living in harmony that when I collide with this group I find a handful of people to follow without trying. Everyone is so genuine and even though I don't visit as regularly as I used to, this is one of my favourite online places to hang. 

Me and Boolprop go way back. This was where I shared my blogging when I didn't realise it was blogging. This was where I was posting at who knows what time of night because I wanted to up my post count, play forum games and talk about sims. It's the first place I go with my Sim challenges, problems and conversations because I know the people there are as addicted as I am.  It's moved around so much that I lost all my old comments (and gosh did I work hard to get 10,000+) so it doesn't look like I'm a huge member, but I will always return to Boolprop. I go for the sims, but I stay for the people. 

When I think my creativity is all dried up and I'm sure I'm suffering from writer's block, this group helps. I am still so new to Booktube and making videos but this group has helped so much. I can connect with so many other vloggers and book bloggers easily and there are always great prompts to get me going on Youtube. 

You can not go wrong with brunch. This is the best community to meet local and not so local people with similar interests. I had a day in Leeds with the GGB lot down there and had such a fantasic time. Again, I connected with so many new people, discovered countless new books, fandoms and geeky interests to invest my time in, and explored a new city as they were so gracious to welcome me along. Even though the chapters are spread around the world they always share their meet ups and I feel so much closer to the brunchettes for it.  

Writers of the internet will surely be familiar with NaNo? This is something I've known about for ages (Jeez it might actually be a decade) and have attempted so many times - only ever completing it once in 2015. Not only it is an amazing writing resource with the possibility to connect with writers around the world, it also encourages local writing sit ins so you can actually meet people in your area in a boat not too different from your own.

Although small and new, this little gang created by Gamer Wife is one I check in as often as I can to see what games everyone will be playing this month. I discovered Emily is Away through it and others I am yet to play (but you know I will be, once I get some money and time to dedicate to it) - basically, it's a mine of wonder with games to discover and gamers to connect to. 

Even when the internet feels like the worst place (and I feel like this more and more these days) I just have a little road trip around the above sites to remind myself of all the joy there is too. 

What online communities do you love being a part of?

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  1. I LOVE the Geek Girls x Bloggers FB start, started by Pepi of DePepi. Such a fantastic community of support and wonderful ladies (you should def join up if you like!) FGB is great as well, though I am horrific at keeping up with everyone.

  2. Same, I used to be quite big but I'm terrible now! Pooh, thanks I'm going to check that out :D