4 July 2016

The Disney Tag

I wanted to bring a little Disney magic to the blog so managed to find a tag from a post in 2014 / 2015 as well as so many different versions. But it's questions about Disney, and we love those right? Enjoy this terrible photo from a firework display in Disneyland Paris from 2010 and some questions about me and Disney. 

1. What’s your favourite Disney film?

Wow. Throw that question right out why don'tchya? As if I could possibly answer that. I love pretty much all Disney films equally. I can't even attempt to pick a top 3.

2. Which Disney movie’s scene would you have loved to live?

Now that Star Wars is technically Disney, I can say the bit in The Force Awakens when Rey flies the Falcon for the first time because that is my all time favourite scene now. Especially when she shuts off the engine. Dude.

3. If you were a Prince, who would you be?

Prince Naveen. I don't even want to explain it because it's true and he's a bit of a dick at the start but hey-oh. 

4. If you were a Princess, who would you be?

Belle for the book reading, for sure. But Merida for the and adventure. It's weird because I don't think I'd want to be a princess and I don't feel a strong attachment to any of them in particular. 

5. Who do you look like the most?

Honestly, Lizzie McGuire. She's so 90's, when I was a kid I was the double of her and it was like, my favourite thing to watch on the Disney channel.

6. If you could choose a Disney character to be your friend, who would it be?

Olaf from Frozen or Ray from The Princess and the Frog or Frozone from The Incredibles. Anger and Sadness from Inside out, because they are basically me.

7. A Disney scene that makes you cry every time?

Up, when at the beginning where it becomes obvious she can't have kids. Toy Story 3, when they hold hands in the furnace. There are so many more too, I cry at almost every film, okay?

8. Which Disney film have you seen the most?

My mam swears that when I was a kid I watched The Beauty and The Beast to death so that is definitely one of them. To be honest, I've watched all of them so many times I don't know for sure. 

9. What’s your favourite Disney song?

Well, the first thing that jumped in to my head was I'll Make a Man out of You in Mulan because how amazing is that song? If you want to see what follows closely behind then you can always check out my Top 10 Disney Soundtracks

10. Have you ever been to Disneyland?

Yes! Apart from being there currently and scheduling this post, I went in 2010 with Matthew - it was our first holiday ever and I looked like below - and I went with my family in 2006 but refused to get in most of the photographs because, urgh, teenager and also because they were with the freaking mascots and I'm scared of people in full costume. 

And there is some Disney knowledge for you! This tag may be a few years old, but hey, if you want to take part then don't let anyone stop you! I tag YOU.

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