28 July 2016

5 Nerdy Games To Enjoy This Summer*

Some might suggest that video games in general are nerdy. Indeed, there's long been an image of gamers as lonesters passionately enjoying fantasy games that feed their imaginations and tickle their nerdy fancies. In the past decade or so, however, that image has changed. We now view gaming as an engaging, social activity more often than not, and it's lost some of its nerdy associations.

But what if you want to be a gaming nerd, not in the sense of being a loner or antisocial (as some misunderstand the term "nerd" to indicate), but in the sense of playing a game that packs some intellectual punch? What if you want to challenge yourself with an intricate puzzle or brain-teasing activity rather than just zone out with a shooter or collaborate with friends in an MMO? If that applies to you, here are five fun, accessible, and totally nerdy games to enjoy for the rest of the summer.

1) Bad Banker
App available on iOS

"A high score puzzle game about economics which becomes more strategic the more you play it." That's about the best description of a modern mobile game a nerd could ask for, and the game itself lives up to the promise! This clever little app from Sirnic, which has a handful of unique and bizarre games, offers up an entirely new numbers-based puzzle gaming experience. It's really its own game, so it can't be described too easily to someone who hasn't played it. But it's a free app, so go ahead and give it a shot. Everything from the fundamentals of the game to the soothing, low-key design is just pleasant. And yes, you will work those brain muscles with this one.

2) Sporcle

Sporcle.com is nothing new, but because it's lost some of its shine, it only feels right to remind people about it. If you happen to be looking for gaming options that will exercise your mind, why not take a trip back to the quiz site that took over the internet a few years ago? Now available in app form as well, Sporcle remains arguably the best quizzing and trivia platform in existence, and you can easily lose yourself for hours in various "games" (if you will) that actually end up educating you. How else are you going to train yourself to be able to list every country in the world?

3) I Spy

Remember the game I Spy from when you were a child? Someone in the group would pick an object and provide clues, and it would be up to someone else to guess what the first person "spies" with his or her "little eye." Well, the game has been resurrected as a fun puzzle of sorts within Gala's chat gaming section. Other games in this section also put forth interesting intellectual puzzles, but the idea of guessing random objects through a series of hints (with bingo prizes on the line) is pretty appealing for some passive and nerdy fun.

4) Device 6
App available on iOS

There are a million other mobile games that could be pointed to, but Device 6, one of Simogo's atmospheric mobile hits, is one of the more intellectually stimulating games out there. It's another one that's kind of tricky to describe, but it calls itself "an ingenious blend of text adventure and interactive novel," which pretty much does the trick. You're reading bits of text, listening to audio clips, solving puzzles and analysing pictures to work your way through a curious mystery. It's like reading a story that you have the power to control, though it's sometimes difficult to figure out exactly where you want to go with it.

5) Civilization

Sid Meier's Civilization games have long been favourites among intellectuals and history nerds. With Civilization VI set for release this October, now is as good a time as any to play some of the older games in the series. You can now download many of them online (whereas you used to have to buy discs), and you can even enjoy different packages that amount to DLC for the various titles. For gamers who like a little bit of intellectual action while they're playing, nothing quite beats rebuilding civilizations through politics and conquest.

There are plenty more options out there, particularly in the mobile market. But this should serve as a nice collection of nerdy gaming options across different genres.

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  1. Augh, I just stumbled across this site (from Twitter I think?) and you totally reminded me that Civ VI is coming soon! I should probably start saying goodbye to my loved ones now, lol.

    1. Haha! I know, I need to catch up on sleep now while I can because I have no self control with that game - I will actually stay up all night playing

  2. I can see myself getting quite addicted to the Sporcle app. Also, I LOVE your new site name and such!! It's perfect!

    1. Ah thank you! For so long North East Nerd just wasn't sitting well with me, like I was rejecting it mentally so started disliking my blog but I'm so happy with Fionerd :) I'm currently relapsing with my Sporcle addiction. It is so much fun!