28 July 2016

5 Nerdy Games To Enjoy This Summer*

Some might suggest that video games in general are nerdy. Indeed, there's long been an image of gamers as lonesters passionately enjoying fantasy games that feed their imaginations and tickle their nerdy fancies. In the past decade or so, however, that image has changed. We now view gaming as an engaging, social activity more often than not, and it's lost some of its nerdy associations.

But what if you want to be a gaming nerd, not in the sense of being a loner or antisocial (as some misunderstand the term "nerd" to indicate), but in the sense of playing a game that packs some intellectual punch? What if you want to challenge yourself with an intricate puzzle or brain-teasing activity rather than just zone out with a shooter or collaborate with friends in an MMO? If that applies to you, here are five fun, accessible, and totally nerdy games to enjoy for the rest of the summer.

15 July 2016

10 Songs for Your Summer 2016 Playlist

Here's something a little different today. Below I'm going to list 10 songs I'm currently obsessing over. I'm in that stage where I listen to them over and over and over again and I'm still not sick of the sound of them. So in case you woke up this morning and thought "I'd really like to know what music Fiona will be listening to this summer" then you are in luck because this post will cover just that. 

4 July 2016

The Disney Tag

I wanted to bring a little Disney magic to the blog so managed to find a tag from a post in 2014 / 2015 as well as so many different versions. But it's questions about Disney, and we love those right? Enjoy this terrible photo from a firework display in Disneyland Paris from 2010 and some questions about me and Disney.