13 May 2016

Seed by Lisa Heathfield

I judged this book by it's cover, guilty as charged. Basically, it was shiny so caught my eye so I took a mental note that I had to read this at some point. Lo and behold, I read it towards the end of last year and am only just getting around to writing my review. Since it's been some time, I'll probably be overly vague in order to compensate for my shit memory. 

"Seed loves you. Seed will never let you go. 

Fifteen-year-old Pearl has lived her whole life protected within the small community at Seed, where they worship Nature and idolise their leader, Papa S. When some outsiders arrive, everything changes. Pearl experiences feelings that she never knew existed and begins to realise that there is darkness at the heart of Seed. A darkness from which she must escape, before it's too late."

Now, this one has featured in my November Book wrap up, so you can watch that to see me talk a little bit about my feelings and even some of the storyline in a overly theatrical way (I move my hands around so much, I was super pumped when I made that video)

On opening the book it pulled me in, straight away. Nothing like a girl in a cult experiencing her first period only to be put into an underground cell (essentially) to pique my interest. After the first chapter my mind is swimming with so many questions that not reading on simply wasn't an option. A wonderful thriller that pulled me in. For me personally, it slowed down a little around the middle but it definitely ramped up in pace for the finale and if I see the sequel on the shelves I may have to purchase it.

This one still stands out to me because it is set in a cult. I've read books since that have cult elements to them but they are normally end of the world sort of things whereas Seed is contemporary. I'm always interested in seeing other lifestyles and cultures, and this twisted fictitious cult had me curious. It's a long standing cult with a dark history which I was thrilled if not horrified to learn about.

The main character Pearl is a weird narrartor. Reading it, you know that everything she says is true because she is so innocent having only ever experience life in Seed. However, my own personal knowledge and feelings were flagging a lot of small details to my attention. Especially when I began to learn more about Papa S; it's one of those books where you sit in knots while you watch a character make choices you know won't end well.

There is romance and friendship as well as some good old teenage rebellion. As much as I liked the other characters, thinking back now (whilst writing however many months later) I don't remember that pull to any of them in particular. Pearl was attached to so many people but the intensity hasn't stayed with me, if it was there at all at the beginning.
It's one that I haven't wanted to reread any time since and only when I see that bright shiny cover do I remember the contents. I gave it 3 stars nonetheless, a book that might not necessarily stick with me for a long time but one I enjoyed whilst reading.

What 3 stars mean on my system

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