25 April 2016

#NerdyPages Book Club

For a while now I've been thinking of hosting an online book group (because I don't have enough to do right now, you know) but the main idea behind it is to read a book together and have a space to talk about it. So let me introduce:

I haven't even planned ahead. I just woke up this morning and really wanted to start this up. It's for everyone, hopefully. A place to get people back in to reading if they've fallen out of love with it, or a place to find another book to add to the TBR. If nothing else it will be a place where we can share links and stuff using the hashtag #NerdyPages (it has taken all these months just to find a suitable, unique hashtag tbh)

The genres most likely to be picked for reading: YA Sci-Fi & Fantasy! But if you join there is no obligation to read every single book every single month. I honestly just want to try and find little gems that we can all fangirl over. I will also be encouraging you to share reviews on blog posts and youtubes and trying to make a proper thing out of this (if enough people think it's cool enough, which is a pretty big ask)

Right now, it's just the hashtag and the goodreads group. In the future I'd love it to be a monthly chat. Please join the goodreads group if you're interested and depending on interest it'll probably start up for June. I'd love to try for May but I think that might be too much too soon, but it's still possible depending on how these next few days go. If you have any questions, hit me up (and because I'm very unorganised whilst writing this post, I'll work my hardest to answer questions!)

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  1. Replies
    1. YAY! I was so psyched to see you joined :D

  2. I love the idea (and the name/hashtag)!

  3. OK, so I joined but I just wanna say that I seriously suck at book clubs XD But I'll do my best!

  4. Add me :D This sounds like fun, and I'm always looking for books to read.

  5. I am already in a couple Goodreads book clubs, but how can I turn down such greatly named club ;)

  6. Quite excited for this! I do love to chat about books. :)

  7. Definitely want to join! As soon as goodreads lets me sign in and do stuff haha.