27 March 2016

19 Bizarre Blog Post Prompts

You know what I love? When you're really in the mood to write a blog post and someone else has done the thinking-up-an-idea part. Blog post prompts are some of my favourites to read because they are bursting to the brim with ideas and always spark inspiration for me. Obviously, I've now put so much pressure on myself (let's hope these are at least adequate).

Yes, I'm going for the bizarre. Not hugely bizarre, but I did make a much longer, nicer list that you could shower in confetti and glitter. So I erased all of the items that you'll find on prompts lists everywhere leaving us with some more one-of-a-kind prompts for you to use and abuse. Here's some that will hopefully wake the creativity monster in your brain.

  1. Visit your favourite places through Google Earth and share it.
  2. Instead of inspired outfits, create alternative outfits
  3. Write about all of the unpopular opinions you have of household name books.
  4. Grab books on your shelves that you haven't read and try and guess the story inside based on the front cover alone (as detailed as you like) / (this is probably a really good way to get a creative writing story started)
  5. Re-watch an old series of something and write about all the little things you notice second time around.
  6. What role would you play in a zombpocalypse? What characters would you want by your side? Would you even survive? (Be honest)
  7. Share your hand writing: from when you were a kid, when you write with the opposite hand, when you try and write with a mouse on paint.
  8. Write a game walkthrough for that bit you got stuck on for 20 minutes and had to search for the answers in 7 different forums. I'm sure you aren't the only one.
  9. 5 random thoughts you've had in the shower.
  10. Document a day in your pet's life.
  11. Admit and share the blogs you actually obsess over. 
  12. Superpowers you really wish you had and what you'd do with them.
  13. Share what gets on your tits about the blogging community.
  14. Unnatural phenomenon you wish could happen just once (like raining doughnuts) 
  15. Share weird conversations you've overheard in public.
  16. The most outlandish or random things you would buy on winning the lottery.
  17. Moments of monumental embarrassment, shared through words for all to enjoy. 
  18. Find the oldest picture you can on your computer/hard drive and tell us the story behind it. 
  19. The weirdest questions you've ever asked someone (but what is ice cream? Do you think this table, like, thinks?) 
I hope this provides a little bit of inspiration. Thanks for reading and let me know if you do write about any of these as a result. I know there are some on here I would love to see in action.

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  1. I love this post :) These are some great ideas!

    haha I'd have to write several posts for No.19! I'm always asking weird questions, I'm an extremely curious person and I like finding out what my friends & family think about random things :D I definitely might have to steal No.10...I think that it will be a really fun post to write :)


    1. Make it a series ;) and no. 10 is one of my favourites, I'd love to just follow my cats around all day - see what they got up to

  2. Haha, some great ideas. Love the Google Earth one. I'd love to go on a Google Earth date..

    1. A date would be FANTASTIC! That's such an adorable date idea

  3. I've been compiling a list of all my unpopular opinions and really want to start a whole series about it. Apparently I have a lot of differing views haha! These are so great; I'll definitely be tucking them away for future use!

    1. I would love to see your opinions! Like, I love the reviews that are honest and a little bit brutal ;) I hope you make it a series!

  4. Oh Fiona these are great ideas. I might use a couple of them!

    1. Please do! I'd love to see them in their final form

  5. Love your list, now saving it to come back to again and again xx

    1. Yay! I'm glad they could help ☺️

  6. Such cute and original ideas! Thanks <3

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