6 February 2016

4 Projects I'm Excited About

Recently, I've felt drained when it comes to writing actual blog posts because all I want to write are book reviews. At the minute, it feels like I'm doing a million things at once, even though I'm not, and I thought I'd, you know, share all the things that I'm focusing on / are zapping me of all my energy. 


So back in November I started making YouTube videos and I actually love making them at the minute. They definitely aren't the most brilliant things out there (I know I've got a lot to learn, especially when concerning technological things), but right now, investing all my spare moments to film and edit whatever I can is so much fun. Time consuming, so time consuming. But worth it.

I'm learning that it literally takes me hours to do anything for YouTube. So I'll do a little book video that's around 15 minutes long raw (not including setting up or anything) or something, then I upload it and edit it which takes another 30 minutes or so. After that I save, which takes a long time, because videos apparently take the longest time to save, then it's time to upload - and you know how long that takes? Ages again. So to fill the waiting time I'll try edit another video or do something productive and then all of a sudden my entire day off is gone and all I have is one video to show for it. This time process triples for my let's play videos I have saved.

Ultimately though, I love it. I just wish I had more time so I could upload videos more frequently. 

Making a board game

This feels so random, but Matthew and I have been swept up in the wonder that is board games / card games. So, we're attempting to design our own. We have a few ideas locked away but right now we're really excited about one and are even making prototypes to see how it all works. I don't want to go in to the details too much because it is such a baby idea it could develop wildly from here. But it's a thing. We're making a game (hopefully).

It's like, the nerdiest thing we've ever done and if it actually gets further than this little made-out-of-scrap-paper-and-dreams stage you know I'll be shouting about it on any and every platform.

Writing a novel

Yeah, I completed NaNoWriMo and I've started rereading what I wrote - guess what? I still love it. It's the roughest and all around most terrible thing that exists but it has so much potential. Once I finish reading and making notes on it I plan to go back and really strip it down to the bare bones in the hopes that I'll rebuild it stronger than before. It feels like a mammoth task, but with generous deadlines (that can be easily pushed back too, I'm so soft on myself) I'm feeling optimistic. 

The plan is to finish the reading and face editing (where I need to actually make sense of the timeline and entire ending because that's a mess waiting for me to fix it) in February, take a week or two breather and then essentially rewriting it between March and July. To be honest, I have no idea whatsoever what I'm doing, so surely it can't be wrong?

Reading List

This is so fucking nerdy of me, but ever since reading 71 books in 2015 and then setting myself the target of 52 for 2016, I'm feeling this weird sense of pressure to read lots of books - it's weird because I'm enjoying it. I absolutely love reading and I can't believe when I was at uni I struggled so much to read for pleasure. Guys, books are the actual best.

This is literally what my life is revolving around at the minute and I feel so creative and sickeningly optimistic. Obviously, I hope everything works in the most glorious way (we're talking YouTube favourite, published book that wins awards, best selling game and reading so many books that makes the 52 target look like a laughable challenge) but even if it's not, I'm really enjoying the journey, and best of all, just enjoying what I do in my free time. 

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  1. Yay for making a board game! I've been trying to make one too and am up to design #10 or #11 (lost count). Still waiting to get everything in perfect alignment so to speak! :P

    Good luck with all your projects! :)

    1. It's starting to get smoother for us (I think we're at #6 or #7 but I have lost count too) and it's fun to see it develop :D Good luck with yours too!

  2. Wow that's a lot of creativity, your mind must be buzzing! What is your novel about?
    Amy at Amy & More

    1. It goes from extreme buzzing to completely zapped some days! My novel is a dystopian one, although it needs a lot of work and might veer in to a bit of sci-fi territory :)

  3. I am on board with feeling creative and sickeningly optimistic!! Fuck yes! That about sums up 2016 so far for me. I hope you keep on the awesome streak, and keep on creating fab stuff! I love that you guys are designing a board game, that is excellent.

    1. Thank you :D I hate optimism, I'm just waiting for everything to either crash and burn or it'll get to this time next year and I'll be like, so, guys, I haven't done these things I announced BUT I did take a nap, so it's all good.

  4. Your blog is very pretty. I love your goals laid out in this post. Get it girl!

  5. Making a board game sounds like so.much.fun!! I'm just getting started on exploring all the fun games out there, so I understand completely about getting swept up in the fun. Good luck with your creating!