25 February 2016

Not If I See You First by Eric Lindstrom

When #Rainbowthon rolled around a couple of weeks ago (even though I hadn't heard of it before) I planned to take part and challenged myself to read 6 books in around a week. The first on my list was my yellow book, Not If I See You First, a book I had seen mentioned on the internet a couple of times and took the plunge putting it right at the top of my TBR. 

19 February 2016

5 Fictitious Places I Wish Existed

Let me tell you how this post came in to being. I was dying on the exercise bike, hating the physical activity and watching The Simpsons when the episode where Homer thinks up Chocolate Land came on. I looked at Chocolate Land and was like, I could kill for chocolate right now. I wish this existed, which lead me to think about all the other wonderful places that exist in books and TV but not in real life. Here are 5 I wish I could visit right now.

14 February 2016


I feel like I've been super quiet this week, and you can thank Rainbowthon for that! From the 7th-14th February (I want to say today is the last day, right?) I decided to join in with #Rainbowthon; a week-long readathon where you read 6 books that spines match the rainbow with the aim is to read 4-6 books (since you can have 1 book count for up to 2 colours) in one dedicated week. This is the second ever Rainbowthon but my first time participating.

Announcement videos for more information:

10 February 2016

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo

This title has actually been on my radar for months. I first saw it in hardback and I remember thinking it was an interesting read but nothing really happened after that. Recently, it made it's way in to paperback and I was hearing a lot of positive things about it, so, I went and picked up a non fiction book! (That's right, me! Head in the clouds, prefers dragons to reality picked up a book about RL)

6 February 2016

4 Projects I'm Excited About

Recently, I've felt drained when it comes to writing actual blog posts because all I want to write are book reviews. At the minute, it feels like I'm doing a million things at once, even though I'm not, and I thought I'd, you know, share all the things that I'm focusing on / are zapping me of all my energy. 

4 February 2016

The Mixed-Up Summer of Lily McLean by Lindsay Littleson

When I was reviewing the books I'd read in 2015, Goodreads did that amazing display of my year in books (ALL THE STATS) and this little number, The Mixed Up Summer of Lily McLean was my least popular book of the year. According to Goodreads only me and 21 other people read this book and it was published all the way back in April that year. So I thought I'd go ahead and write a quick review on it, just because I feel like there won't be a lot floating around out there.