18 January 2016

How I Schedule Promotion Posts

There are a million and one posts out there to help with promoting and scheduling blog posts to try and maximise your readership. I've been thinking about these a lot recently as I'm currently in the middle of figuring out what works best for me. So here is the millionth and second post on scheduling; it's more of a this-is-how-I-do it so it's not really right or wrong or even a guide - it's just here.

For me, personally, I do everything manually and systematically to the best of my abilities. This probably isn't for everyone, and it can be a little time consuming, but it works (for me, anyways). I schedule two types of posts promotion posts for brand new content and archive posts for old content that I'm re-sharing.


First, I write some kick ass blog post that I'll have worked on for however long and I'll save it (it's very rare that I write something straight up and hit publish). Recently, I've been enjoying being present when the post is published as in the past scheduled posts started to feel old and dull before they'd even went out. Does that happen with anyone else who schedules stuff? Or is it just me? I'll come back to it in a little while (be it 30 minutes or 30 days) so I can read it over with fresh eyes before I hit publish. 

Then, if I have about 20 minutes or so, I open a bunch of new tabs before the post actually goes live: TweetDeck, Bitly & Get Emoji are my friends. Yes, I use TweetDeck because I mainly share my blog posts via Twitter plus it's my absolute favourite and works 99% of the time. I can schedule posts up to a year in advance (you can never be too prepared, right?) with pictures, hashtags and even emojis so yeah, what else could I possibly need? 

Here's what I do after I hit publish, I schedule all of the promotion tweets for that one post immediately so that it's all done and out of the way. Don't even schedule the first one, just share a NEW post then and there. Then I schedule a bunch of unique tweets for the following times:
  • 3 hours after original post
  • 10 hours (ish) after original post
  • The following day
  • The same day next week
  • The same date next month
  • The same date 2 months later
This is based roughly off advice I've seen around the blogsophere but altered a little bit for my needs. Currently, I'm feeling like I could do with a 2 weeks later post, but since I've actually been seeing results from this I don't want to alter it just yet.

I then mark all of those tweets on a yearly calender I drew up in my notepad with a simple blue dot on whatever date they fall on. I then forget to go on Facebook and shoot out a post sharing the FRESH NEW post and schedule another post a week later. Because I use Twitter most for my promotion that's all I mark on my calender of scheduled posts. What do I do if there is a blue dot already on a date I'm going to schedule on? Schedule it at least an hour or two away from the tweet that was there first (I allow about 4 scheduled items a day as I think any more can get annoying) because finding scheduled posts is really easy on Tweetdeck.

Why 10 hours-ish? Because sometimes I'll publish at a time in the day and 10 hours later is the middle of the night. Although I do have readers from a lot of different time zones I prefer to stick to promoting tweents between 6am and 10pm GMT. Sometimes I'll just push a tweet that should rightly be timed for 2am (if this was a rigid system) back until 6am or 7am depending. What I love most about my schedule is how loosey goosey it is. I can never get it wrong, even if something fucks up and isn't posted I just shrug it off and reschedule it. No one is following how precise your schedule is!!

Bloglovin' automatically posts to my twitter too, but I've found that to be at such random times I just let it do it's thing. Likewise, my YouTube channel will also automatically tweet when I release a new video or add a video to a playlist. I have tried other sites that schedule tweets in the past, but they always seemed bland and random, by doing it manually I can at least let a little personality shine through and use appropriate hashtags.

So far, this is working out wonderfully for my blog posts and my views per post are increasing little by little. Also, getting all of the promotion posts out of the way as soon as I can just gives me peace of mind and it honestly doesn't take too long.  


Promotion posts aren't all of the scheduled tweets I have for twitter. I also share 8 archive tweets a month around 3-5 days apart because everyone loves archive tweets. Why 8? I divide my total post number (which is now 235) by the number of days in the month and round up. That way they'll be spread out more or less evenly and hopefully not too frequent considering how small my blog is. Using this method means I should never (hopefully) run out of archive tweets to schedule throughout the year, and in my mind I reset what I've shared come the new year.

How do I know what I've already shared? Easy, a list! In the back of my notebook I have a list of all the months I've been blogging with the number of posts I posted in that month beside it. Every now and then I'll pick a random month and look through all of the posts I wrote and schedule as many as I can. If it's seasonal, then I put it close to a date that is suitable (Valentine's stuff at the beginning of February for example) but if it's just a random one then it can go randomly anywhere in the year.

I don't share posts that are time sensitive; so like my ruminations would be pretty boring (I can imagine a "here's what I got up to May 2015" coming up in like November and just- no! Anything with a giveaway attached would be misleading and updates from years ago just wouldn't make a good archive tweet in my mind.

The reason I have a calender for the entirety of 2016 to mark all of my archive tweets is because I can then look at my December posts from all the years I've been blogging and schedule some archival Christmas posts at the best seasonal time. I can also see if an upcoming month doesn't have 8 tweets scheduled and rectify it as soon as I can. I know, in this shiny age with technology that can do it for us, I use pen, paper and TweetDeck because it's foolproof.

I makr them on my little calender in a different colour to the promotion tweets and always start these tweets with ARCHIVE, making sure I use all of the characters available with hashtags, images and accounts good for retweeting. I think archive tweets are fun; look at that old post getting some love and attention, I worked hard on that and people are still reading it! It also gives new followers the chance to catch up with something they will have missed.

And that is how I schedule posts. I'm gonna level with you guys. I just wanted to take a bloggy photograph and write something today that wasn't a book review. I want to attempt to write more about things that are important to me, and right now I love promoting tweets and thought, hey, maybe someone might like a rough guide to see how someone else does it?

 photo c1e572d3-e6d6-4de8-bc7d-82c63b674fba_zpstrbz4r33.png
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  1. Thanks Fiona!! Those are all really great tips. I'm gonna save this for later.

    1. I'm glad it can potentially help! :D I hope it proves useful ❤️

  2. This is brilliant. I am utter shit at using Twitter, and in general sharing my posts in anything but the couple groups I'm in! Definitely taking notes and applying some of these!

    1. Excellent <3 I'm getting worse at sharing with groups so that's an area I need to work on

  3. I suck at Twitter but I'm going to try this! When you schedule using TweetDeck, do the images you upload actually show when the tweet goes live? I used to use HootSuite and the images just show up as a link people have to click if they wanna see it. So laaame.

    1. The images show for me, most of the time. It does this weird thing where it doesn't show when I schedule it but eventually loads (it's very weird) but I have to manually add the image and the link, its a bit more work but it does the job!

  4. I love your organisation and promotion and how well thought out it is. I notice a difference when I promote my posts on twitter but I wasn't sure how I was going to go about promoting older blog posts. Thank you for helpful ideas :)

    Angie xx
    Silk and Sapphire

    1. Yay that's great! I love archive posts every now and then ❤️