19 October 2015

Oreo Truffles with a Geeky Halloween Twist

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Last Halloween I had a post over on Geekocracy showing my mad baking skills. Did I say mad? I meant bad. This post is very similar to the truffle post I released on Christmas to make easy peasy Oreo truffles with next to no effort and they will look awesome. This post was first featured on Geekocracy on the 19th of October 2014.


Look at those, don't they just make your mouth water? This is the result of the recipe I use from BBC Good Food's Easy Peasy Oreo Truffles. It's a tried and tested success and these little drops of heaven are great for all kinds of occasions ranging from, but not limited to, parties or lazy afternoons. As these are super easy to make (and quick not including chilling time) I've had a go at trying to spook them up a little for Halloween with some simple tricks and witchcraft.

The trick is to follow the recipe exactly as it is up to the point where you have to melt chocolate to dip the truffles in as it is only the outside we'll be decorating a little differently. If, like me, you're not a food engineer and the idea of decorating is daunting then don't worry - they probably won't get any worse than what I made. So, you've mixed up some vanilla essence, cream (or soft) cheese then you smashed up Oreo's until they were just crumbs and they're in there too. After making into small balls and chilling for at least an hour (on this occasion I did an hour an a half) it is time to decide how you are going to decorate them! I'm taking influence from geeky TV or Film, things I'd probably want to dress up as come Halloween. Here are some examples of what I did:

Skeleton / Pumpkin King


I can see the resemblance; I think that is a modest success, wouldn't you? To make a selection of Jack Skeleton truffles (or just classic skeletons) what you have to do after dipping the chilled truffle ball into white baking chocolate is carefully place two larger leftover crumbs near the top to form eyes. It is intrinsic that this happens before they go back in the fridge to chill otherwise they'll just drop off. After a few more hours in the fridge and the chocolate has set get a fine paintbrush and some food colouring (here I mixed red and green to make the brownish colour) then paint on two slits for a nose, a line for a mouth and cross over that with smaller lines to get the stitched look. The longer the mouth the better, I obviously didn't go all the way across but I was working from memory.

You can make sugar skulls this way too, instead of the slits and lines to make a nose and mouth prepare two or three different colours and decorate in a floral and festive way remembering to make some kind of nose and mouth shape to resemble a skull.


My Truffletrooper looks a bit too happy to be a part of the empire but this technique is similar to the Jack Skeleton truffle. Place the eyes on before a second chill then paint the features of the mask. It's very difficult to get tevery single one of them exactly the same so they aren't quite clones but it will be an almighty Truffle Army.

Finn the Human

Are you okay there truffle buddy? Finn the Truffle looks like he has had better days. To get two coloured truffles first dip the truffle in the melted white chocolate - we use white so that once you've got all you need from that colour you can add food dye to make a different one, in this case I added orange to attempt pumpkins but it came out more peach than orange so I made a little Finn! Whilst the white chocolate is still melty (and hasn't been in the fridge) use a teaspoon to add a small dollop of the peach coloured chocolate and try to make it as circular as possible. Once it has been in the fridge, use your paintbrush to add Finn's small eyes and mouth.

This will be the best way to make various character truffles, but instead of white chocolate you could melt milk chocolate to create dark hair (then add glasses and a lightning scar and you have Harry Potter truffles). If you have enough white chocolate and food colouring you can make anything you set your mind too – green Hulk or zombie truffles, all of the pacman ghosts (using white icing to create their eyes), black cat truffles... There is no limitation!

Remember to chill until you serve them and it is okay to chill for much longer than I did. They taste amazing (if I do say so myself) so if you do make a mess of the decoration, like the other 21 truffles I made, don't panic. You can just eat them all yourself. Win win.


  1. Omg yum.I can make cake balls so I'm sure these would be easy for me! So cute, too!

    1. They are so easy to make and amazingly good! I wish I could take credit for the recipe :)