4 September 2015

Three Places to Visit in Newcastle*

I absolutely love my city; there's so much to do, eat and experience. To all my non-Newcastle readers, if I were to recommend one city to visit it would be Newcastle, not only so we could hang out, but so you could visit the best of what Newcastle has to offer (which is pretty damn good):

Best Restaurant

Newcastle has so many restaurants, with new ones coming in all the time, that it should be really hard to narrow down which one is the best. The Fat Hippo takes the cake for me, no questions asked. Having discovered it on St. George's Terrace, West Jesmond years ago, falling in love with the burgers and BBQ sauce, then revisiting a least a couple of times a year since it's safe to say this is my favourite place to dine. What's even better is that they opened The Fat Hippo Underground on Shakespeare Street a couple years back, and with a central location like that I've even been able to squeeze visits in one my one hour lunch breaks on working days. 

Why is this the best? Every visit here is a divine dining experience and it does not break the bank. I am never disappointed. The only thing I have ever been disappointed in was myself on my first few visits when I could not finish my meal because the giant burger defeated me. If you like heavenly burgers, crispy fries and some of the best BBQ sauce I have ever tasted then this is a restaurant you need to visit.

Images provided by: The Fat Hippo

Best Bar

You definitely need to get a cocktail at Mr Lynch's on Archbold Terrace. Not the most central bar, but only a 5-10 minute walk from Haymarket Metro station. I discovered this when I was a student since it's only a roly poly from Northumbria University and nothing is better after a long boring lecture than cocktails. It's not just for students, although students do benefit from a nice little discount. This is my favourite place to bring people who aren't from Newcastle, I've even been here with my boyfriend's whole family (grandparents included) and everyone always loves the retro-esque decor and the sweet cocktails.

My favourite is Cherry Drop Bottle Rocket where they've managed to take the Cherry Drop sweet flavour and liquefy it into a beautifully sweet cocktail. There are so many more to choose from on the menu, all served in a quirky, unique way so not only do they taste delicious but they are instagram worthy too. With so many offers, and even a food menu for when you're peckish, this is one bar I definitely recommend to all ages (well, everyone over 18).

Taken from My Lynch's menu

Best Attraction

I'm a big comedy fan, so The Stand is naturally one of my favourite places to visit for a laugh. Located at 31 High Bridge, the venue is very central and exceptionally close to The Fat Hippo Underground so we tend to eat there then run over to The Stand for entertainment. I've seen some of my all time favourite comedians at The Stand like Tom StadeHenning Wehn, and Josie Long as well as discovered new ones to look out for. A really cheap night out is on a Wednesday when Red Raw hits the stage. For £2 you get to see a bunch of new and upcoming comedians test their material. I've seen a few and I've even done a couple of 5 minute slots myself, and with such a big line up for £2 you'll surely find one comedian to make you laugh. When I performed I introduced my friend to this wonderful night and she goes all the time now and loves it. There is even a show for families: Newcastle Kids Comedy Club, a comedy show for children between 8 and up, only costing £4 per person. The Stand is never short of entertainment. 

When Newcastle Travelodge asked me to write about the three best places to visit in Newcastle, I took up the challenge immediately and I hope now you can see why. If you're in Newcastle, even just for a day trip, these are some places that you need to check out to get a taste of the city. 


  1. I spent my Bank Holidays and most of my school holidays up in Newcastle as a kid. We had family in Whitley Bay, so we'd go to the beach a lot, even if it was freezing haha and visit Spanish City, is that still there? I remember there being some car boot sales on in Tynemouth too. Oh and can't forget the Metro Centre in Gateshead, used to love going on the rollercoaster :D

    I'd love to go back up for a visit with my Fiancé one day.

    Cuteek.com | cute geek lifestyle

    1. It's still there but I think work is getting done/it's being sold or something. I'm not 100%! METRO LAND! That's gone now, but I used to love that rollercoaster too :D

  2. Those sweet shop cocktails look amazing, going to have to add it to my list of places to go! :D xxx

    1. That's just two of them as well, there is such a good selection!