16 September 2015

5 Things to Bring to an Outdoor Cinema

At the beginning of the month I went to my first ever outdoor cinema! Luna Cinema showed Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in Alnwick Castle grounds, the set in which parts of the movie was actually filmed! It was so exciting when the flying lesson came on, I think everyone there nudged the person next to them and squealed a little bit. I definitely did. Even with the rain, wind and cold, a huge crowd of potterheads camped out to watch the first film, myself included. 

We didn't plan what to bring until about an hour before we left, and even then I had no real idea what to bring. We hadn't checked the weather, had no snacks or food in the house and were running around like headless chickens trying to get some supplies before the journey up to Alnwick (a place we've never drove to before, God bless SatNavs). We suffered, of course. It was so cold and we didn't have enough layers that I woke up cold the next day. I wanted to share, through the beauty of hindsight, things you should probably bring.

Layers, including a waterproof

It was a last minute decision for us to bring a few hats and waterproof jackets and I'm so glad we did because otherwise we would have froze - or would have caved and bought a blanket. When we were packing and glimpsed the weather it said it was going to be cloudy. We took waterproofs just in case and guess what? It rained throughout the majority. Not heavy, but enough that my leggings we damp and I was cold the whole film. So bring lots of layers to warm yourself up with. Hats and gloves were our lifesavers but we should have went the whole nine yards and got scarves and three extra jumpers. 


Not only to sit on, but to wrap yourself in so you can share body heat with a friend. I was a little distracted thinking about how good a blanket would be to warm up throughout. It didn't distract me entirely, I was quoting everything I could. 

Camping Chairs

There were a lot of people sitting in camp chairs and it didn't even occur to me to bring an actual chair to sit on for the three or more hours I would be there. So if you're currently packing for an outdoor cinema and have chairs as an option consider bringing them, just for a bit more comfort. People sat on blankets did get to sit at the front at the event, but on our blanket there was a lot of fidgeting.


My friend had prepared all kinds of baked goods for the film and I didn't think to do that. I ran to a shop and got nibbles last minute. We got there so early that we'd ate most of the nibbles before the movie started. Bring snacks, of course, but maybe a sandwich or something more sustainable would not go amiss either!

Inflatable Paddling Pool

This sounds crazy, I know. We saw a group of girls next to us blowing up a paddling pool and we were so confused. What are they going to use that for exactly? Catch the rain? Actual paddle even though it's freezing? No, these girls were just beyond us. They blew up the paddling pool and used the inflatable sides as support so they could snuggle down with pillows and blankets but still be propped up enough to see the film. It's honestly the most genius thing I've ever seen. This is my number one thing I recommend because they were at a level of comfort I didn't think possible.

What would you advise to bring?

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  1. This sounds like a great time! And some really good tips too!

    1. Thank you :) it was so awesome, kind of want them to show the other 7 films now

  2. I have yet to go to an outdoor film (or a drive in!). I definitely want to some time! And seriously, that pool idea sounds amazing!!

    1. It was genuinely the best thing I've ever seen. I really want to go to a drive in cinema too (obviously, they aren't as big, if they exist at all, in the UK), I don't even know how they work