7 August 2015

Lush Oxford Street Exclusives: The Experimenter Bath Bomb

I don't have baths very often (shower girl over here) but when I do I will always use a Lush bath bomb, I have so many in supply to match my bath demand, and recently I've taken to making notes and blogging about them, so I hope you don't mind that today's post I will be sharing a bath bomb that is going from a Lush Oxford Street Exclusive to nationwide!

I went to Lush Oxford Street waaaay back in June, and when I was there I picked up this little wonder called The Experimenter. To be honest, what did it for me was the shape. It's hexagonal. I mean, I don't really have a favourite shape because I'm not a four year old any more, but hexagonals are scientifically the best shape. I had high hopes about this one. 

Things I did like about this bath bomb: fast fizzing and trippy colours that were so pretty to watch. I must have taken a million photographs. I also like extra in bath bombs, and this did not disappoint when I realised there was popping candy as well as glitter. The popping candy wasn't as good as my experience with Intergalactic, but popping candy in a bath is still such a genius idea I still haven't gotten over it (like, 2 years since first discovering it).

As always, my skin felt soft as soon as the bomb started to fizz, but I think it made the water softer than normal. My skin, especially my legs, felt so silky (even though at this point I hadn't shaved my legs in about a month). The only thing I'm not 100% on is the smell. So at first I got this waft of freshness and it was okay, but the more I thought about it the more it reminded me of men's deodorant. Obviously, that is not a bad smell. But there was something about the smell I just didn't like. It also clung to me all day, so when I went to smell my skin to think about what it reminded me of, all I really did was cement the dislike for it.

Although this is a fast fizzer, the bomb does stick around a long time and I think this is because of the size of it. However, once the initial wow factor with the colours, it left my bath a cloudy grey. I'm a little paranoid, I know I wasn't that dirty going in, but this kind of grey was very off putting. Did I get a dud? Why is the water so grey? All in all, there were some good points to it, but I probably wouldn't get it again. 

Have you tried the Experimenter before? How was it for you?


  1. The initial colours look amazing!

    Kariss xx

    1. The start was so good! I might have to get another one to see if this was a dud?

  2. Pretttyyy~! I don't even have bath tub so I can't use bombs, which drives me crazy because they look so cool and fun!

    1. They are so fun but I don't have baths as often as I'd like, I wish I had more time