22 August 2015

Guest Post // Sparkly Casualwear Inspired by Sailor Moon

Such a special guest post today, so special I deviated from my normal blogging schedule! Super huge thanks to Cate for today's outfit post - and also HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

♥ Cat Eye Sunglasses ♥ Crisis Moon Compact Necklace ♥ Moon Wand & Luna Pins ♥ Artemis T-Shirt ♥ Sparkly Galaxy Skirt ♥ Sailor Purse ♥ Glitter Sailor Moon Pumps 

Hi I'm Cate and I blog over at Cateaclysmic, and today is a very special day because today is my birthday YEY! To celebrate I'll be going out for a sushi lunch with family and friends and because everyone should feel like magic on their birthday I thought I would put together an outfit I'd like to wear inspired by my favourite magical girl anime Sailor Moon. I think this outfit the perfect mix of comfy casual with an added hint of sparkly magic and I'm so completely in love with those glittery shoes I may just have to treat myself to them, I mean it is my birthday...

Who are your favourite magical girls?
Love & Glitter

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  1. Amazing picks, Cate! That coin purse is precious.

    1. I'm not even that big of a Sailor Moon fan but I saw that coinpurse and fell in love a little bit - so cute!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CATE~! I love Sailor Moon and all of the Scouts ♥, and Jen and I just started watching Tokyo Mew Mew! Nya~! I love this outfit. *o*

    1. Oh my gosh, Tokyo Mew Mew looks super cute! <3