12 August 2015

Guest Post // 8 Wacky Yet Awesome Things About South Korea

I'm so excited to share a travel guest post today! I am going to pass you over to Natasha of Live Learn Venture talking about some brilliant things about South Korea.

Having lived in South Korea for nearly a year, I’ve experienced a lot of what this country has to offer. I’m enjoying my life so much, that I plan to stay another year. Whether you plan to live in or visit South Korea, there are a lot of things to see and do. Take a look below to learn about some of the wacky yet awesome things that can be found in South Korea.

McDelivery Comes Right to Your Door! Do you have a sudden craving for a Big Mac or McDonald’s breakfast? If you live in a city in South Korea, chances are there’s a McDonalds that offers McDelivery. A delivery driver will ride a scooter to your home and bring your whole order right to your door. How convenient is that?

Most food delivery is served on real plates and is picked up later. If you’re ordering something other than a pizza or McDonalds, your food will likely come served on plates! After enjoying your meal, just place your plates and utensils outside of your apartment door. Someone will be by later to pick it up!

Incheon Airport has everything you need! If you plan to do some traveling once in South Korea, you’ll likely fly out of the Incheon Airport –which is one of the best airports in the world. Did you know this airport has a movie theater, golf course, ice skating rink, and hospital?! If you have to kill a few hours before a flight, you’ll be sure to find something fun to do.

Cat and dog cafes are a thing. If you love furry critters, you may want to visit a cat or dog café while in Korea. Here you can enjoy a tasty snack and a coffee while hanging out with some adorable furry companions!

You can visit a 24-Hour computer game room whenever you’d like. In Korea, computer gaming is a big thing. Whether you want to play a game or just need to use the computer for a few hours, visiting a PC방 (computer room) is your best bet. Many are open 24-hours and also serve food in an attached café.

All garbage must be carefully separated. In South Korea, you must separate food waste, plastic bottles, glass, cardboard, and regular garbage. You also have to use special garbage bags for your waste, or you will be fined. While this takes some getting used to, it’s a great idea and is better for the environment!

Honey-butter is the latest flavor craze. At any store, you will find honey butter flavored crackers, chips, squid, nuts, and more! At first, this flavor sounded strange to me -- but I love it! If you visit South Korea, you’ll want to try a honey-butter flavored snack!

Decisions Are Made with Rock, Paper, Scissors. While not every decision is made this way, many decisions are made with the help of rock, paper, scissor! This is especially true in school settings. In Korea, this is known as 가위 바위 보 --- or kawi, bawi, bo! I now use this regularly to choose a winner when there is a tie during class.

 As you can see, there are many unique things in South Korea! I recommend taking a visit so that you can have your own wacky yet awesome experiences. To learn more about life in South Korea, check out my travel blog, Live Learn Venture.

Natasha Gabrielle is a 20-something cat rescuer, travel blogger, ESL teacher, and adventurer living abroad in South Korea. You can follow on Bloglovin' & Twitter: @LiveLearnVentur


  1. Yep! My husband spent a year there and I'm hoping we can spend a few years as a family there! But I visited him while he lived there and I saw amazing things like the kid's cafe where mom can drop off the kiddos for a hour while she shops. There is CCTV and WIFI everywhere! You don't have a international card on your phone? That's okay, you will have WIFI in pretty much any store you walk into. :)

    1. Korea sounds amazing! I definitely like the idea of having wifi everywhere (I hope this just becomes a global thing)