14 August 2015

Guest Post // 5 Drugstore Favourites

Todays guest is the wonderful Charline (of Charline Has a Blog) again. I am super grateful for all my guest bloggers, and Charline was a star getting me several posts so quickly after I asked for posts giving me some peace of mind! She's a gem.


Hey! It's me, Charline, again!

I introduced myself in my previous guest post. Fiona is still away and I'm still thankful for getting the chance to post on here. Like I said, I blog mostly about beauty and Fiona told me she blogs about everything but lacks on the beauty side a bit, I decided to do a beauty post today and tell a bit more about my favourite drugstore products.

1. MaxFactor Creme Puff blushes
These are fairly new and everyone and their mother has tried them out by now. My favourite shade is the Alluring Rose one, it's just a colour that I've never seen before. It's so beautiful and gives me that summer glow straight away. The quality of these is amazing and they look so pretty too.

2. Maybelline mascaras (a lot of them!)
I own too much mascaras and half of them are from Maybelline. My obsession started with the Falsies one, it's still my favourite one! It gives my lashes tons of volume, which I really need. I don't even need a lash curler with this one. The Collossal Volum'Express Cat Eyes (I know, such a long name) is also very pretty and because the bristles are quite short, it's excellent to really get to the base of my lases, which again, gives me tons of volume. The last one is the Lash Sensational, the most recent addition to the collection. I was really not impressed with it at first, but I think I was just using it wrong (upside down, that is). I still prefer bristles over plastic wands and I still don't know which make up remover to buy to remove waterproof mascara so it's still a pain in the ass to remove, but other than that, I really like this mascara!

3. Rimmel Stay Matte powder
This is my holy grail number one powder of all powders. It's so good that I never felt the need to try out another powder of any other brand. I know there are a lot of good powders around on the drugstore but this is just my go to one.

4. Maybelline Color Tattoos
I have always been an eyeshadow kind of girl and since the cream eyeshadows were being hyped up, I really felt the need to try out the Color Tattoos. There is not a single one I don't like in this range. Especially the matte ones like Creamy Beige and Vintage Plum are so lovely for an everyday look. They are so handy to use as well and ideal for the times you are in a hurry to get ready. Last but not least, they stay in place all day. What's not to love about them?

5. Collection Lasting Perfection concealer
This concealer is so affordable I just had to try it out. It has such high coverage (something I really need on my oily skin and acne) and stays put for such a long time. If I wear it all day though, it's starts to flake a bit, but I think it's just not made to wear for a whole day. I do need to touch it up a bit during the day. But I like the consistency and the applicator and the formula and the fact that it's the only concealer that's able to make my spots almost disappear!

What are your favourite drugstore products? Let me know down in the comments! I'd love to discover some new drugstore gems!

Lots of love and speak to you soon!
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  1. I'm an Almay fan for sure! And Nyx which I can find at Target but Ulta has a ton more shades and options!

    1. I'm so bad at make up I had to google these, I really like the look of Nyx though, especially the price

  2. Color Tattoos are my jam! I was never much of an eye shadow person either, but they were so hyped and on sale so I figured I'd try, lol. So amazing!

    1. That's interesting! I'm not an eyeshadow person either at the minute but they sound pretty awesome, might have to look in to them