9 August 2015

Guest Post // 4 Blogging Tips

Today I am flying out to New Zealand (I'll probably be making my way to the airport now) and whilst I'm gone I've got a nice variety of guest bloggers to fill in for me! Today is the first guest post by Charline (of Charline Has a Blog) with some awesome little tips for blogging.

Hey everyone!

First of all, thank you so much to the lovely Fiona for letting me do this on her little space on the internet. My name is Charline, I'm 21 and I'm from Belgium. I run a beauty/lifestyle blog called Charline Has a Blog. I only started blogging this year and since I've been doing that, I've learned a lot of things that can improve my blog. Let me share with you my 4 tips to improve your blogging!

1. Photography is very important
Since day one I've been reading blog posts on how to improve my photography with the little equipment I have. I do have an old tripod but I barely use it. Most of the time I take pictures of the products I will be talking about in my blog post, so I'm talking close up photography here. Usually  I place my products on a flat white area and take a picture from above. I did a blog post on this a while ago, so you can see my photography set-up. I get pretty far with the little things I have. Luckily I already have a DSLR camera, but even if you don't own one, there are a lot of apps for your smartphone that work almost as good (Manual almost literally turns your iPhone into a DSLR camera). It's important to always use natural light as much as possible, and never turn on your flash! I repeat: never! It's not attractive. I learned along the way how to do the compositions of the products and it still takes a long time to perfect it. Then I import my pictures onto my Macbook and edit them in the standard photo app (it used to be called iPhoto). If you don't own an Apple Macbook, there are tons of free websites to edit pictures and play with the exposure, white balance etc. (e.g. PicMonkey, iPiccy...).

2. Schedule & bulk photograph
Since I started blogging, I've been keeping up with a daily post schedule. I don't have time everyday to sit down and take pictures, write a post etc. Whenever I have free time, I take photos for at least three posts after another. Clearing space to place my products on and getting into it all, takes a bit of time and effort. I might as well keep on takes pictures while I'm at it. It's reassuring to know you already have them for future posts, so if you're on a tight schedule and don't have enough time to do all that, you can just take the pictures you already took and place them in your post.

I also write my posts way in advance. I planned out my posts for the summer months in May (written down which post I wanted to go up on what day) and I started photographing and writing them, then schedule them in Blogger so they would go up every day at 9 a.m. and I wouldn't have to worry about them while I was traveling and working. It's such a relief to know you don't have to worry about getting a post up on time. Planning in advance is key to keeping up with a schedule! (even if it's weekly).

3. Keep notes
I know it's hard to come up with ideas for your blog sometimes. If you have been blogging for a while, you run out of original posts and you can't keep making stuff up. We all know the best ideas pop up when we are far away from our laptops and can't write them down. Make sure to always carry around a little notebook - or your phone with a note-app on it - so you can always write down the ideas whenever they pop into your head. I even have a little memo block next to my bed, because the one time I get an idea is right before I close my eyes and fall asleep. The next day, it's gone. So always make sure to save your ideas somewhere so you can use them for future posts!

4. Interact with fellow bloggers & be nice
You never know when you are going to need help and while commenting on other blogs, following them on social media and being nice to them, you build up your connections. You will learn who are the ones that appreciate it and will be nice back to you. If you are ever in need of some help or tips, you will know who are the ones that support you and like you back and if you are nice to fellow bloggers, they will be glad to help you out. Don't aim too high, just search around a bit on bloglovin' or twitter and see who blogs about similar things, that way you can connect over something you both like. We all would love to interact with Zoella, but let's face it, that will never happen. I always try to reach out to bloggers with more or less the same amount of followers and similar content. Have fun in this community and it will pay off in the end.

Thanks for reading this! If you have any comments or other tips, feel free to share them down below! I'll be happy to read them! (And I'm sure Fiona will too, when she gets back!)

Lots of love and speak to you soon!
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  1. I really loved the idea of doing photography in advance, I will definitely try that next time!
    Great post!


    1. Definitely! It'll be nice just having them there ready for when you eventually get round to writing