17 July 2015

Our Adventures Scrapbook

The other week I had a creative brainwave on a quiet day at work to start scrapbooking my adventures. It probably stemmed from all the posts I am yet to write about things I've been getting up to since June, and for some reason I thought I'd give myself MORE work to do but the idea of making an adventure scrapbook still gets me excited. This is something I definitely should have started years ago, Matthew and I have been to so many places and I just finally decided I want a more permanent momento of where we go. Then, while I was making it I realised it was too bloody cute so had to share a tutorial of how I did it. It's super easy and not really a tutorial, I'm just literally shaking with excitement to show you guys.

So you start with a notebook. I got two packs of Seasalt notebooks (6 in total) from Waterstones priced at £9.99* each because I've been eyeing up these nautical beauties for a while. You can make any notebook into a scrapbook if you're determined enough. I figured out that at 64 pages a piece, using a double spread for each adventure but leaving the front page for a contents and back page for information or something, I could go on 186 adventures. This will keep me going for a while.

The notebooks were store-bought-nothing-fancy-just-really-cute, all I did to them was design a sticker to go on the cover (and one for the contents page because I was nerding out to the max with these). For this stage you need sticker paper*, a printer and a drawing pad (or just any plain paper, mine is bleedproof) and design the front how you want. I just envisioned it looking like it does in the image below and I'm very happy how it tuned out. I scanned the design into the computer then printed our 6 copies because I want them to be uniform. If you don't want to invest in all of the sticker paper or do any of the cutting out malarky I have been toying with the idea of custom logos and things in my Etsy store, so potentially you can buy this from me in the future.

The fun part about stickers, and what I do all the time for my store, is the cutting out. It takes a lot of time (especially with tiny stickers) to cut them all out nicely. I'm so excited. The ease of separating the sticker from the back paper is difficult, but for now that's what I use (I definitely need to find an easier to peel paper type). At least with these stickers I got to actually stick them in. The finished look: brilliant (if I do say so myself!) 

They're close to finished. I might, in the future, add a "Matthew & Fiona" sticker with "Book n" on too - for extra organisation. When I say 186 adventures, I realised I mean 186 days of adventures. With big ones like New Zealand, I'll probably need a double spread per day so I figured why not do that from the start. I want to share with you snippets from my first entries to Bristol and Cardiff earlier this month:

I wanted this to be a joint effort, these are "our" adventures, after all. I'm happy to do all the sticking and what have you, but I wanted both of our handwriting to be in the book. Matthew, being the calligrapher, writes the place we went and date as our header. Then we reflect and scribble down what we got up to, favourite quotes (sometimes I say hilarious things that need to be remembered) and can plan where we put pictures. It's hard to get pictures instantly since I take the majority of them on my phone, so what we do is keep separate notes on scrap paper or phones, then once everything is ready to go in, we sit and stick and make this.

Looking cute with lots of  patterns, textures and everything else was a must for me. My new favourite thing is washi tape, and I got 4 rolls from a UK based etsy store called JoeandFlo. I use them to stick everything that's loose in, so they have a purpose but also they are the cutest and add a nice amount of colour to each page.We also add doodles and I plan to use my stickers; making up one offs for special occasions as well as some of the ones available in store to add character.

What do you think?

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  1. I love how your books came out! They'll be amazing to look back on in the future :) and YASSS all the washi tape! <3

    I also love the stickers you made!! Would you be interested in designing a logo for my blog?? Like a little doodle and the title? Let me know and I'll shoot you an e-mail!

    1. LOVE ME THE WASHI TAPE :) and yeah if love to ^^ I'll give you a tweet and we can email and everything :D

  2. Those are super cute. I wish I had the discipline to keep up with it.

    1. Well time will tell :P there's only been two from one weekend but I mean hopefully well keep this up :)

  3. Fiona these are the cutest!! I adore them! As much as I love the super professional mega-organized and designed scrapbooks I just don't have the time and effort for them. Plus, I think ones like yours here are so much more personal. So cute!!

    1. Thank you :) I do love the aesthetic of a neat scrapbook but I know I would never keep it up, I'm so clumsy and make mistakes all the time so this style suits me since I can cover any wrong doings xD