27 July 2015

Challenges to Play on The Sims

My Sims obsessions has kicked in again. I swear, every time summer comes around, I find another excuse to stay indoors. Today I wanted to share with you what keeps me entertained when I play The Sims (2, 3, or 4): Challenges! This post idea started when I told people at work that I spent my evenings playing hours of The Sims solid, and they returned with "how many did you kill?" I don't do things like that. This is what I do:

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The idea behind this challenge is to have one female sim have 26 pregnancies with 26 different men. It's tricky because you have to find ways to elongate your female sims life and avoid the slander when rumours spread that your sim is having "a child out of wedlock" as well as sneak around behind her husband's back for extra points. This is one of the only challenges I have completed in my whole sims career. Of course, if you have hacks and mods, like the same-sex pregnancy mod, then it doesn't matter if your sim is male or female, as long as that one sim gets those 26 pregnancies. 

This is similar to the Who's Your Daddy? challenge except its on a larger scale. This time, your female sim is looking to populate the entire neighbourhood by having 60 children (only in the sims, am I right?) This time, the sim or "Queen" only needs to have 10 partners and she doesn't marry them but it's still a challenge to raise a lot of kids and elongate the life of the Queen. I have attempted this one but I think I only got to 12 kids. 

A challenge that originated in The Sims 2 but has found its way to later games due to its popularity. I've never attempted it (I prefer the children and legacy type challenges, personally) but I have thought about it a few times. For this challenge you control one sim in a full house of unrelated adults and have to keep them alive and happy whilst trying to reach that one control sim's lifetime want. You can't control the other 7 in any way so things get messy. I can get so frustrated when I have control over every sim in the household (Why. Are. You. Sims. So. God. Damn. Absent. Minded. Just. Do. As. I. Say.) and this one always looks like a hoot. Crazy sims.

This is my own little challenge I created that I've seen a few people play. I've never completed it, but I always go in with good intentions. The idea is you start with one sim, your founder, and whatever his/her name is determines the amount of kids you have. The aim is to have a kid for every letter of the alphabet based on the names you give. So if I did Fiona, she'd have 5 kids (one name beginning with F, then I, then O, N, and finally A) - whichever of them became heir would do it again until you can tick off every letter in the alphabet. It always sounds easy, but how many names can you think of that have J or Q in the middle? (Top hint, start with a founder name like Jacqui or Joaquin to get those out of the way early)

This is the one I'm obsessed with at the minute. It's also one you have to be really committed to. The goal is to start in an empty neighbourhood and turn it into a city with the population of 50,000 sims. You also have to play every household and every sim as you go along. There are a lot of rules and a multiplier (which means you don't actually have 50,000 sims, but definitely in the hundreds, if not thousands) but it's so much fun. I'm always trying to complete this. I currently spend a lot of my free time focusing on this challenge. I've played for 24 rotations, have 10 households and a glorious high score of 360.

You can find even more challenges over on Boolprop's Definitive Challenge List! Happy simming!


  1. This is SO COOL. Seriously. I've never played the Sims with a specific challenge in mind, and this looks like so much fun!

    1. Honestly, they're so much fun. I can't play sims now without a challenge in mind

  2. So crazy! I've only ever been a casual Simmer....but these sound like so much fun!

    1. They're so fun! I'm such a legacy nut, every sim I make I'm like "he will have beautiful great-great-great- grandkids, I'm sure"