31 July 2015

New Zealand Reading List

With less than 10 days until I jet off to New Zealand (it's finally down to single digits and I'm really getting excited) I thought I'd share with you my reading list. I have had to limit myself to a few books to get me through a 2 day flight. This was one tough decision because not only did I have to decide, from the mountain of books on my shelf as well as new ones that you wouldn't need to ask me twice to buy, how many to take but it was a question of what to take too. Here's what I've decided (but I don't know if a) these are good choices or, b) whether it is too much/too little)

29 July 2015

Lush Oxford Street Exclusives: Intergalactic Bath Bomb

When I was in London at the beginning of June I made a little visit to the Lush Oxford Street because I wanted to get my hands on some of their exclusives. After a browse I decided that one of the ones I needed to try was Intergalactic because it looked too interesting to let pass. Now, I essentially just did a smell test for all of the products I chose (and I actually only chose two now that I think about it) so I had no idea what to expect. With book in hand, I ran my bath and let the magic happen. 

27 July 2015

Challenges to Play on The Sims

My Sims obsessions has kicked in again. I swear, every time summer comes around, I find another excuse to stay indoors. Today I wanted to share with you what keeps me entertained when I play The Sims (2, 3, or 4): Challenges! This post idea started when I told people at work that I spent my evenings playing hours of The Sims solid, and they returned with "how many did you kill?" I don't do things like that. This is what I do:

 photo Screenshot-414_zps4770e4f9.jpg

17 July 2015

Our Adventures Scrapbook

The other week I had a creative brainwave on a quiet day at work to start scrapbooking my adventures. It probably stemmed from all the posts I am yet to write about things I've been getting up to since June, and for some reason I thought I'd give myself MORE work to do but the idea of making an adventure scrapbook still gets me excited. This is something I definitely should have started years ago, Matthew and I have been to so many places and I just finally decided I want a more permanent momento of where we go. Then, while I was making it I realised it was too bloody cute so had to share a tutorial of how I did it. It's super easy and not really a tutorial, I'm just literally shaking with excitement to show you guys.

10 July 2015

I Made an Adult Decision

In my May Ruminations post, I eluded to a big announcement that I was going spill over the next couple of weeks and I haven't actually got around to announcing the thing I was thinking about then. But things have also changed now and for some reason I want to share it, one night when I couldn't sleep I was like that would make for a great blog post. So I followed through on sleep-deprived, just-worked-an-almost-12-hour-shift Fiona and here it is:

8 July 2015

Recent Reads Reviews | #4

I don't think I wrote a single book review in June. I did read a bunch of new books though, so thought I'd share a little bit on them. For once, there seems to be a solid theme: Brand New Young Adult Novels. 

Confidence: The Diary of an Invisible GirlThe AwesomeAnother Day (Every Day, #2)

3 July 2015

My Second Blogiversary + Giveaway

Happy Birthday to North East Nerd!