26 June 2015

My Life Goals

When SazBomb shared her life goals I got inspired to do my own. This is the best kind of post to neb on, I don't know, call me a massive Sims player but people's dreams and aspirations are so interesting to me. So I'm going to lay out some life goals for all to see. Even the more far-fetched ones.

1. Complete an MA in Publishing

This is what I am currently saving for since with Masters there isn't a lot of funding and you can bet there is even less funding for something so specific (I've looked, honest) but I've managed to save about 30% of what I need which I'm proud of! I don't aim to start until Sept 2016 so there's still time.

2. Write a book

Obviously, above is more about publishing and I'd like to work somewhere where I publish books and do the marketing around them. This is different. Ever since I've been a littl'un I've wanted to be an author. Currently I have 2 stand alone novels, 3 short stories and a children's picture book in the works. My problem seems to be that I can start it but not finish it. If I do somehow finish these and then somehow publish them, the first place I'll be screaming about it will be Twitter and this blog so you hang around.

3. Road Trip across America

If I won the lottery or inherited a huge pile of gold this is one of the first things I would do. Spending time in a minivan, cruising around the US, hitting all the big cities but discovering some smaller towns and cool places.

4. Own my own home

I don't even have my own place yet that I rent but owning an actual property is a very cool, adult thought. I definitely won't be buying anything like that any time soon. The earliest I can see myself renting is 2016 and the earliest to potentially buy somewhere would be 2018. But I don't know. At the same time as desperately wanting my own house, I fear the idea of a mortgage and never ending debt.

5. Have children

My babies will be smart and beautiful. I often feel like the best thing I'd do in life is become a mother which is a whole load of weird wrong and right. I don't want kids now though, I'm the kind of person who needs to have some kind of stable income and my life figured out a bit better before I can be responsible for another human being.

6. Let it all go when I get old

Proving that I do get old, I want to be an old lady that watches all the TV shows I'm currently missing (there is so many), reads a ton of books, bakes all the time and is a cute chubby because of all the baking, with lots of little cats and/or dogs in a house in the forest. All those things I'm too scared and anxious to do I want to just be able to do with no fear.

7. Own a business

Whether this is as a publisher or opening a cafe or restaurant, I really just want to be my own boss and be the top dog who makes decisions. Obviously, I'd love for it to be successful, but even if that was just enough to keep me at it full time with a comfortable salary and I liked doing it, it wouldn't have to make me hella rich or anything.

8. Be part of a team that make a game

I've wanted to work with video games for so long, and I still could if I did a different masters degree. It would be amazing to create stories and quests for a game, for it to be huge and people go insane with it and just be like, yeah, I designed/wrote that.

9. Write a comedy series

This kind of goes hand in hand with the writing a book stuff, I love the idea of writing even though I don't really show anything I write to anyone. I'd love to write a comedy show, no idea what it would be about but when I get snippets of it in my head it is going to be hilarious. It's something I'd direct too, because I'm fussy and want to be in control of the production.

10. Start a YouTube channel

This is a bit of an anti-climatic final point, but it's something I've been toying with lately. Not that I have anything to film with (not really) and I can't edit great and I wouldn't know what it would be about (but it would be hilarious, surely, or try to, that's what I'd aim for)

What are your life goals?


  1. Are you going to do NaNoWriMo this year? That's so cool that you've already written two novels! I've started so many but it just never works out and I lose inspiration. So lame! I want to sign up this year though, maybe that will keep me on track!

    1. Well I've started two ;) I just need to figure out definite endings and some stuff in the middle :) I was thinking of redoing one of them for NaNo but I don't get a lot of time to write in November ! With the ones I've for I've been aiming for 50,000 using NaNo as like, a guide but it's so many words!

  2. These are some great goals!! Seems like you are well on your way to so many of these already. I so relate to 'own a business'....the hubs and I have dreams of owning a Magic the Gathering shop/bakery combo. Maybe someday!

    1. Oh my god that would be amazing! I'm going to get cafe trained at work and I will literally be dreaming owning a puppy cafe or a nerdy book cafe or a comedy/ events cafe like, I want a cute cafe I can call my own ^^

  3. If you wanna make a game, you should just do it! Look for weekend game jams in your area and get making. No worries if you don't have skills to start with, you'll learn by doing.

    1. That's awesome! I might look in to that :)