3 June 2015

Life, Love & Liberty at Capology*

I was invited to attend the Life Love & Liberty event at Capology with I Sunk Your Battleship (ISYB) on Thursday just gone. I only stayed at the event for around 45 minutes, and being the little anti-social butterfly that I am I didn't really talk to anyone but I did get a good look around to see what I Sunk Your Battleship has to offer in their new clothing line. 

Life, Love & Liberty is a new limited edition range of t-shirts from ISYB (5, to be exact), with the help from Liberty Art Fashion crafted right here in the North East of England. I am a fan of pocketed shirts, I think they look great on men and give off the right balance between work and play. I'm not one to shy away from men's clothing and could definitely see myself in these high quality shirts with wonderful designs, my favourite being the animal pocket:

Too cute. I mean, cute probably isn't the reaction wanted for menswear. I just think animals are cute. The other designs are floral-esque and psychedelic on different shirts that are a fun pop of colour to add to your wardrobe. ISYB is a brand I had no idea about before the event, but now I'm really excited about their products. I geeked out a little bit when I saw some of their other designs too. They have dazzleships on shirts (in black and white, as seen below as well as colour) and hoodies.


The little dude, or Flagman mascot, at the bottom is also a symbol built up from naval iconography and is featured on every design. I feel like every item is designed with love and yeah, the symbol is on every product (hells yeah, be proud of your work) but it's not overpowering and it suits the naval theme of the designs.

Capology is a store that I wasn't familiar with before the event. I don't have a face for hats anymore but I did enjoy what was on offer. They have sport caps, and I use the term loosely because I'm not 100% when it comes to sports. I saw Lakers which is Basketball, and Dolphins which is American Football, and that is the extent of my knowledge (I have impressed myself though). As well as many sport caps, there is a range of other headwear. I immediately went for the nerdy ones, Batman and Superman, and if I could pull off hats then those would be my choices.

Upstairs there was a range of hoodies, shirts and vest tops too. To be honest I had a browse for my other half because we love this sort of clothing. If you like alternative/skater type wear then you should definitely check out Capology & I Sunk Your Battleship. I was impressed at the range and quality but some of the items are a little out of my price range. I tweeted on the night about how I used to say sick (as in positive, SICK) ironically but now it's part of my every day vocabulary, and it's what I would use to describe everything. Word. 

Catering the event was Longhorns! I am no stranger to Longhorns (or at least, I've been there once) so I was super psyched to hear they'd be serving up food. I had a pulled pork bun with BBQ and it was amazing. I remember eating it and thinking "God, this is so much better than I remember" only to look back at realise I've never had pulled pork from Longhorns before. Pulled Pork > Smoky Hot Dog. Food bloggers take note that Longhorns are opening a new restaurant in Jesmond soon (at The Courtyard, off Holly Avenue West, NE2 2AE) so keep an eye out for that.

Even though I was alone, I was glad to attend the event. I discovered some new local businesses, ate some ludicrously good pulled pork, and had a good time. You can find out more about the organisations I've mentioned and their various social links below:

I Sunk Your Battleship: Website, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram
Longhorns: Website, Facebook & Twitter


  1. That pulled pork looks fantastic!

    1. It was awesome! I might have to go to the new restauarant opening for more :)