20 May 2015

UK Places I Want to Visit Next

I was about to write a list of places I aim to travel to next on paper, but I thought why put it down in my journal/writing book when I can share it on the glorious internet?

Taken from my Instagram map

Over the years I've blogged about the places I've traveled to as a way to remember what I got up to and to share my adventures. I never really plan where I go to next, it's kind of like yeah there is a band playing there so let's go. Or, Matthew is doing his elective there so I suppose I'll tag along. But here I am, sitting down and actually thinking about places I would like to travel in the next year.

Of course, I already have some travel planned, in the UK and further afield which I will share with you now because I will no doubt blog about these later:
  • London: I've already got tickets for the Warner Bros Studio Tour and a booking at Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium so I am super excited for my two day trip to London in June.
  • Bristol: I've booked flights to spend two weekends in Bristol since Matthew has a placement here in June/July. We're going to squeeze as much as Bristol as we can in to those days and I'll even have an extra day on my own (when he will be working and I'll be bumming around waiting for a return flight)
  • New Zealand: This isn't the UK but I will be damned if I miss out the biggest, furthest, longest adventure I'll ever have without parental supervision from my list. I have to fly out on my own, that's almost a two day flight or something bizarre, since Matthew goes two weeks before me and he's the more organised between the two of us. Good luck me, seriously. I am the biggest worrier although normally a pretty good traveler, but halfway around the world?

The next 5 places I want to visit in no particular order:
  • York: York is just an hour away from me on the train and I hardly ever go down there. The last time I was there was for a training day at work but you don't really get to see York from a hot room above the shop floor. Matthew and I were there last year or the year before to visit the Train Museum which was a pretty awesome day trip. I know there is so much to do in York, I want to go have some fun!
  • Brighton: I just want to see what all the fuss is about if I'm being honest. It's probably not my thing, (like, I'm not a big fan of beaches or just sand in general) but I still want to see what makes everyone so drawn there.
  • Stirling: In my life plan I will hopefully live in Stirling for a year when I do my Masters Degree so I'd love a day trip to visit the city and see what it's like. I'd be living on campus and come home on the weekends, since the course I want to do is specific to that university even if it did turn out to be the worst city in the world, I'd still live there (although, I kinda hope it's not) 
  • Cardiff: We are hopefully going to have a day out in Cardiff in July simply because I've never been to Wales. this isn't 100% booked, but almost definitely a sure thing to happen, if not this summer then soon.
  • Dublin: I know this one isn't in the UK, but it's still very close. Just like I've never been to Wales, I've never been to Ireland either. I can't believe I've been to places in Europe and not discovered different countries that are so close to home.

Where do you want to travel to that's close to home?

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  1. Love your list :) I've travelled quite a lot of the UK - been to Cardiff (love it .. go to the castle!) and I go to Bristol quite a bit as my best friend lives there, it's such a nice easy flight from Newcastle! You should add Norwich to your list! I know I'm biased as it's where I'm from but it's such a lovely city - no direct trains from Newcastle unfortunately but it's not too horrendous, you change in Peterborough and it takes about 4 hours in total.


    1. I might have to come to you for Bristol recommendations then :) ooh, if its not far from Peterborough by the train I could make a trip there when I next visit Corby

  2. York is amazing, I really want to visit Bristol, so many places I've never been and I have a car now so no excuses!


    1. When I got my car I was the same, but it's finding the time for so many adventures (+fuel can be expensive D:) I really want to see more of our island :)

  3. Oh my gosh I reckon Brighton is so your thing! So much good food/so many cute niche little shops! x

    1. I'm all about seaside food! I definitely have to get down there