3 May 2015

Confessions of a: Bookworm

I've wanted to do a link-up for ages now and I did this with the YA book club and it seemed to get a good response so lets try it on the internet now! This is very much inspired by the 'Confessions of a Blogger and Geek' posts I took part in last September. They were fun, so here's a Bookwormy one! Here are 5 confessions of mine about books that are a little bit cringey:

1. I once set an alarm for 3am to squeeze some extra reading in before school
Okay, that's a bit weird. First note of importance: school, I was young and naive and like 12 (though seriously). What makes this super cringe worthy is that the book in question was Twilight. 

2. I once read through Harry Potter and edited it
I thought I was better than J.K. Rowling and used a pen to scribble over all of the "s's" in text. I was young again, okay. I think I stopped halfway through Goblet of Fire. They are there now. Permanently. I'm waiting for the day my dad decides to reread the series and discovers it (oh yeah, they weren't even MY books that I edited)

3. Most of the books I own I haven't read
And I can't stop buying more.

4. I didn't read loads as a child (that I can remember)
As I result I've not read authors like Enid Blyton, Tove Jansson, Philip Ardagh and barely any Roald Dahl either. Basically, when it comes to children's book I rely on my knowledge of the films or reviews and summaries of others. But I'm getting better and catching up slowly.

5. I have a bad attitude to books that get a lot of attention
If a book gets too big for it's boots I automatically take an opposing stance to it. I love fangirling, trust me, but when people get overly excited about bloggers who do books (do I even need to name them?) or the fangirling of a book goes too far I'm just like, nope. Stahp. I'm too cool for it and it takes me years to eventually get around to reading it. It's a horrible attitude to have, I know.

Want to share your confessions? Please do! That's the whole plan. Post your confessions then add your link to the widget below (if it's working, OH GOD is it working?) and if you tweet about it use #bookwormconfessions and take me in it (@northeastnerd, hello there) and I'll try and RT a bunch of them. Feel free to use the image at the top, you know, the totally bitchin' graphic with the title.

(You don't have to leave a comment, I mean feel free too but it's not mandatory. I've not used this link up technology before so I had no idea what to file it under. What are "Other Words"? I just want the links, dude. I shamelessly added mine to make sure it all words. God, I'm such a newbie at this)

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  1. Ooohhh fun! Let me see what I can come up with :)

  2. Ah, I'll totally write one up for this week! Fabulous idea for a link up!

    1. Thank you! Looking forward to your post

  3. Cute post idea! I'm re-reading Harry Potter right now and I'm guilty of editing, or at least paying a lot of attention to Rowling's use of adverbs... It's a lot. My shelves are filled with books I haven't read too. They really need to be read, sometime, soon. haha

    1. I need to set a week of my life aside to try and make a dent in all the books I haven't read! (probably longer than that to make any real difference if we're being honest)