24 May 2015

Cafe W, Newcastle

I wanted to share something that I feel might be a little gem still, hidden in plain sight in the centre of Newcastle. Cafe W is located inside Waterstones on the first floor and it sells all the things you'd expect in a Cafe: coffees, teas, cakes, sandwiches and very recently they've added milkshakes to the menu!

Hey Fiona, don't you work at Waterstones? Isn't this going to be a little biased? Um, yeah, probably. So I'll just put that out there right now. Due to my lazy nature I never tend to wander far so on work breaks I do normally turn to Cafe W in my time of need when craving a hot drink or a cake. I don't technically work in the cafe, the most I've ever done is turn on a dishwasher and clear tables because I'm not trained and it's kind of a separate entity but still a part of Waterstones. Also, I don't really get discount on everything so half the things I buy from here I pay full price.

Pictured above is one of the new milkshakes available. That one is, you guessed it, chocolate made with ice cream. I am super fussy with milkshakes, if its a weak milkshake then my opinion of the place dies. Good news - they way this milkshake is made makes it, literally, drinkable Haagen Daz. Perfect if you're a fan of thick milkshakes. I downed this almost instantly, it didn't stand a chance.

This is normally what I'll get from the cafe. A green tea* and cake. So the green tea is a summer berry flavour (I should know the exact name, but I've forgotten it) and it's one of my favourite flavours of green tea since, you know, green tea normally tastes the same but smells differently. This actually tastes of berries. Pictured is a slice of blueberry cake which is sweet, moist and a favourite amongst us booksellers. This cake was actually a birthday treat for me. If you have a Waterstones loyalty card you get an email near your birthday informing you of the opportunity for free cake. Thank you very much. Other things I've had at the cafe are fudge cake (chocolate paradise), salted caramel tart (so sweet, and rich), and toffee crisp (hands down the King of all treats in the cafe, it always seems to be stocked so I highly recommend it if you visit).

The chaps in the cafe are super nice people and can recommend sweet treats to go with your coffee or your next read. Cafe W has a stamp loyalty card too and you can collect points on the swipe points card! There is also a Cafe W in the Metrocentre Waterstones and there may be one in your local Waterstones too as I know there are a few up and down the country. If you are ever near one then you should definitely check it out.

*I received discount on this item
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  1. Great tip! I completely forget about Café W and only remember when I happen to be in Waterstones!

    1. They are really upping their game at the minute! Yesterday I had a cupcake that was made mby Pet Lamb from the cafe and peach iced tea!

  2. I've always wanted to work in a book shop, but really I think I'd just want my own so I can just read behind the counter all day!

    Kariss x

    1. Oh yeah, owning a bookshop would be sweet, mine would be on such a Black Books level, like I'd never get anything done or sell books but it would be loads of fun