20 April 2015

My Top 3 Travel Bucket List Destinations

You no doubt know I love to travel. Even little weekends away to other cities are exciting adventures for me, so when I heard Transun are hosting a competition to go and see the Northern Lights I got super excited (remember my 101 in 1001 days list? Number 76 is to see the Northern Lights, I have been dying to see the magic lights in the sky). Click the link above for details of the competition for your chance to enter too! Here are my Top 3 Destinations I would love to visit:

3. Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando Florida

I am practically Peter Pan because I don't want to grow up. I will never, ever, ever be able to afford Disney World until I am a proper adult with a proper job. Even though I've never been, I love Disney World and have heard stories of how amazing it is. My favourite story to retell is from when the boyfriend, Matthew, went with his parents when he was much younger and there was this hurricane so they had to stay in their hotel and just watch Disney films. Watching Disney films is the opposite of a problem and it would still be an awesome way to spend a vacation.

I have had some adventures to Disneyland Paris which is always magical; in 2006 with my parents where I was too scared to get in to photographs with characters (just all mascots scare me, I don't know what the people in there are doing) so there isn't a lot of photo evidence of me being there, and, in 2010 for mine and Matthew's first couple, non-parent trip together. There is so much more in Disney World and I want to be a giant kid and run around trying everything. I imagine Disney World is magic to the power of a thousand compared to Disneyland. 

2. Isle of Skye, Scotland

The Fairy Pools in the Isle of Skye look magic. I've seen purple tree images crop up on the internet which I think might be fake, but even without the purple trees this place looks like a magical tranquility spot where you visit and all your problems just go away. Seriously, go on Google Maps and have a peek around Isle of Skye. It's vast landscapes made up of mountains and trees - it is literally my favourite place in Skyrim but real world. We had once planned to do a road trip around Scotland to visit this glorious place but it just didn't happen. But, one day!

1. Reykjavik, Iceland

My brother went to Iceland last year or the year before and the shots he got, as a rookie photographer with literally no experience, were amazing. Reykjavik has appealed to me for years because of the Blue Lagoon - a geothermal spa that looks perfect. Another reason I've always wanted to visit Iceland is to see the Northern Lights as well. My brother saw them when he visited and said it was amazing to see, one of those events that a photograph simply can't capture. I'm not really one for sunny holidays and will swap awesome experiences for a tan (or in my case, just sunburn) a million times over. 

What does your travel bucket list look like?

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  1. I want to go to Disney World tooooo! I've been to Disneyland in LA a few times, but it's not the same T_T

    1. I know, I want the huge parks (there's like 5 isn't there) and so much magic D: gotta start saving up for it now

  2. I am desperate to go to Disney World!!

    Kariss x

    1. Me too! There should definitely be some kind of UK Bloggers journey to Disney World event

  3. I need to visit Iceland, it'd be a dream come true!
    Love Vicki | victoriajanex.co.uk

    1. It's been on my bucket list forever! I was almost going to go to Greenland this year but we're going to New Zealand instead - I'm always like, next time it's got to be Iceland!

  4. YES ISLE OF SKYE. I am dying to go there!! And I too want to see the Northern Lights so badly. My parents lived in Alaska for 17 years and saw them multiple times...SO. JEALOUS.