27 April 2015

My Tattoo Timeline

I really want to open up more on my blog and get all personal but I'm so awkward about it I have no idea what to write that is "personal" and I'm definitely not one to jump in the deep end and talk about like, sex or whatever. Instead, I thought I'd do a post on my tattoos, inspired by Illustrated Teacup's Tattoo Timeline (which she posted in August 2014 but has stuck with me all this time - I knew as soon as I read it I wanted to do something similar).

I know tattoos aren't for everyone - believe me I know, my boyfriend is not a fan of them at all it's literally the only thing we disagree on. This is as personal as I can get at the minute and it might not seem all that personal but for me it's kind of a big deal sharing them. I never like sharing my tattoos on social media, a lot of the time I just keep them to myself and only tell a select few. But here I am, sharing my history for the world to see, if the world thinks the title and opening paragraph are interesting enough to keep reading. My memory is a little bit iffy on the earlier dates and all of the photographs not sourced are either from the Instagram account mentioned or my own.

Autumn/ Winter 2008: Please do not do the math to figure out my age. Yes I was underage and it was very wrong of me to get this tattoo but the place didn't even ID me. Don't worry, I 100% regretted it. Tattoos, when you're young, are kind of like first usernames and e-mail addresses, they seem fun and great at first but years later you want to punch your younger self in the gut and tell them to sit down and do something meaningful like learn an instrument or do a sport. Not only was I not mentally ready, this thing stung like a bitch because I had it on my ribs. It was a Taurus symbol (my starsign and I thought that there was a lot of meaning behind it, don't worry I didn't just barrel in to my poor life decision) and since this was before the age of Instagram and super awesome phones I don't have a picture of it actually on my skin but if you google 'Taurus symbol' it is literally on the first page of the Google results - how shady is that?

Summer 2010: I lived with that for about three years before I plucked up the nerve (and actually had the cash) to cover it up. I love this one because it has no meaning really, it's just something awesome on the side of my body. Unfortunately I lost contact with the artist that did this beautiful free hand cover up so I can't link her up. I've been trying for ages to find her (She's called Jen Jen and did this at Cock a Snook Tattoo Parlour) since I want to touch this up at some point in the future (and even though it's been 5 years, she did say the touch up was free, but maybe I'm just being tight). That circle was the Taurus symbol.

Located on ribs, my right side.

August 2013: The start of my badger and bear masquerade thigh piece from an Instagram find, Joe Frost (Instagram: @hellomynamesjoe). I really wanted to get a big thigh piece and did a lot of browsing to see whose style I loved, I found Joe's work and knew I wanted something. I had originally asked for something different and a bit complicated (my mind was going into overload - I wanted it all) but Joe whipped this up for me and I adore it. It's unfinished because I was a massive wimp and the pain was too much, also I had a train to catch since Joe is based in Leeds. I definitely have to get this coloured in when I am brave enough to stand another long session.

Located on front of thigh, my left side.

June 2014: As a little graduation present to myself I got a little glitter rose cat by Tore (Instagram: @toreprc) an apprentice at Tattoo Station. I hadn't really planned on getting this like I had with my thigh piece - that one was custom, this was a flash sheet she really wanted to do - I just saw the cat and the crazy cat lady inside of me surfaced and persuaded me that I needed it on my skin. At the minute it isn't in top condition since I went to London for the week immediately after this sitting so some of the leaves are a little damaged. I got so many compliments for this one from my nearest friends, even though the repeated dotting of the glitter was so painful, it's such a pretty effect and people I did show hadn't seen anything like it before.

Located on side of thigh, my right side.

February 2015: My favourite tattoo experience to date for many reasons but the best thing was that it didn't hurt as much as previous tattoos - probably due to being on the back of my thigh which is nice and padded and it's a dotwork piece. It's also my nerdiest tattoo and I can't get over it, man, it is perfection. Paul (Instagram: @watsonsith) from Rock 'N' Rolla Tattoo Studio (Middlesbrough) does so many geeky tattoos including but in no way limited to: Harry Potter, LOTR, Star Wars, and Disney. I literally want them all. Part of me is dying to get a complimentary heart on the other thigh but I can't decide between Hogwarts, Disneyland or another LOTR themed place (like Rivendell). 

Located on back of thigh, my left side.

If / when I get more tattoos I'll probably just update this one post, as you can tell by my short timeline I like to leave big gaps between them (in order to forget the pain and psych myself up for the next one as well as put in proper planning and research) - but there you go. That is my history of tattoos.

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  1. Really loved this style of tattoo post and you have some fab ink! Cock A Snook always has amazing artists and I've been dying to visit for so long. Bills are a pain in the bum when you want all of the tattoos!!
    This just reminds me that I haven't been tattooed since like January 2012 and that makes me sad. lol

    Danielle xo

    1. At the minute cock a snook has Amy Williams and her stuff is awesome but I need to be saving money not buying tattoos! Urgh, life! Thanks for the comment ^^

  2. Awwwe I love ALL OF THEM! I only have one tattoo and am too much of a cry baby to get another :(

    1. That's why I normally wait a year - gives me time to forget how much of a wimp I am

  3. I definitely think sharing tattoos is personal! This is a great post. I, for one, adore tattoos, both for their personal meaning and as an art form! Yours are awesome! The bear and badger masquerade piece is just great. I only have one tattoo, which I got when I was 20. I love it, but I do want to add more to it. However, I've yet to pony up the dough! Someday. I've definitely got plans for more tattoos, but they are just SO expensive.

    1. Money is a big issue for me too! It's hard trying to save up and pay for things and get tattoos too, I just can't afford everything. My badger and bear thigh piece is one of my favourites but I don't know if it's because its the one I see the most or because it's my biggest and ballsyiest one :)

  4. That cover up tattoo is amazing! And I can't even deal with the last one you shared. It's fantastic!

    1. It's so good! I love my hobbit hole <3