19 April 2015

My Favourite A Very Potter Musical Moments

Okay, Potter fans, if you haven't watched A Very Potter Musical (AVPM) already then I highly advise you take a good 3 hour break from whatever you're doing and watch that now. It's fantastic. Today I want to share my favourite moments from AVPM so you'll get a taste of how great it is if I didn't sell it to you in that sentence. I've went in to gif overload and I know this isn't tumblr so it's a bit weird but I'm sorry, I just want to share this so bad! (I'm sure I've accidentally slipped some AVPS gifs in too, my apologies)

So even though I'm sharing my favourite moments, it will mainly revolve around my favourite characters. Voldemort for example. Portrayed as a bit of a more sensitive soul and what it was like for Quirrell having the dark lord on the back of his head for the entire school year.

Another character who is delightful is the one and only Draco Malfoy who is striving for his father's love and struggling with some feelings for Hermione Granger (this could be danger)

StarKid is American, so there's that kind of humour about it that I'm not so impressed with - where it's outrageous and over the years it's gotten too obviously outrageous. Especially in later musicals which is why I love AVPM, the very first musical best. It's subtle jabs at Harry Potter are done with love and just so entertaining to watch. For example, looking for the horcrux, another favourite of mine: "The horcrux could be hidden anywhere! It could entail countless months of camping in the mundane British country side, breaking into Gringotts, and drinking boatloads of polyjuice potion."

And of course, it's a musical. these songs are hella catchy though. A great song is Cho Chang's song replaced with Ginny's name (sorry about the translated notes. Not cool.) and there are some days where I listen to the sound track again and again.

It also highlights how much of a dick Harry Potter can be sometimes. Like, in a fun way. AVPM's Harry Potter is hilarious. 

Hermione x Ron. Obviously we ship Hermione and Ron. But we get to see the aftermath of the Yule ball and their awkward teen love as it would be from awkward teenagers. 

And as a bonus, here is one of my favourite bits from A Very Potter Sequel, also a good thing to spend a few hours watching afterwards. The third one not so much. But the first two: that will be 6 hours well spent and you can talk to me about it for ages (we'll quote it for hours and sing the songs)

I was so lucky to meet some StarKid fans at work once (I'll be it they were like 5 years younger than me and I couldn't really befriend them) so do let me know if there are any other fans out there. I only know my sister to be one in real life (and I made her that way). I just need proof of their existence outside of Tumblr. 

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  1. I love AVPM! I love Joe Walker (who played Voldemort and Umbridge in the sequel!) So funny!

    1. Joe Walker is brilliant, I kinda get swept up in the tumblr posts idolising him. He's awesome!