24 April 2015

Fiona vs Matthew: Games We Love to Play #Fandom5

I'm mixing it up a little this Fandom Friday and getting a little help from Matthew, the boyfriend. He's starting to get a little involved with my blogging and I think he secretly loves it. So we're going to do a little series: a "Fiona vs Matthew" series where we compare our favourites of different things: films, food and in this case games! Feel free to leave comments about whose side you're on, we love competition.

5. Fallout 3 (XBOX360) vs Red Dead Redemption (XBOX360)

Fiona: Post-apocalypse style first person game with such a big world which you're free to explore and change. I got completely obsessed with Fallout 3 a few years ago and couldn't put it down. It's easy to get in to with amazing stories and side quests - some of the most unique I've ever played. The world is too interesting, filled with criminals, cannibals, crazy people - you name it, it's got it. I started playing Fallout New Vegas at some point but must have got distracted. Even so, one of my all time favourites was Fallout 3 and if you haven't played it yet I suggest you do!

Matthew: What an absolute gem Red Dead Redemption is. Set in early 20th century along the America/Mexico border following ex-outlaw John Marston. The story is gripping and like Arkham City (which I'll get in to later), the side stories are enjoyable. The landscapes are incredible; the section of the game where you first ride into Mexico on horseback with “Far Away” by José Gonzalez playing, the panorama unveiling itself…just epic.

4. Mario Kart Wii (Wii) vs Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (XBOX)

Fiona: Everyone loves this game, right? This is how you test relationships. How will someone react to the dreaded blue shell? (Badly, always) On the wii though, it's just got an extra level of awesome with the wheel remotes. I loved this as a single player, a multi-player and when I got really into it, I loved racing around the tracks to beat the time records. My winning combination is Toadette on the Bullet Bike, if you see me with that then you have no chance at winning.

Matthew: I had difficulty picking between Battlefront (1) and Battlefront 2 but the ability to sprint and inclusion of playable Heroes made up my mind. The game all Star Wars fans wanted. I always seem to come back to this game, mainly for its splitscreen multiplayer. Nowhere near the best for story or being a good shooter, but there is just something about it.

3. Final Fantasy (Various) vs The Last of Us (PS3)

Fiona: I got let off with this one. I love Final Fantasy, that much you know, but having to choose one single game was just way too hard. My problem is that in my mind every game is pure genius that should not be questioned until I actually play it and remember all of the flaws. Maybe this is true love because I overlook the flaws and keep coming back to them every time. The top ones I'm struggling to let be crowned victor is VII, X, X-2 and XII, but that could easily change by next month.

Matthew: Surely I don’t have to explain this one? It’s all about the Ellie-Joel relationship. One of the very few games that has made me really feel for the characters. Some parts of the game are genuinely scary – in fact I think the scariest section of a game I’ve ever played (which admittedly isn’t saying much as I’m not a massive fan of horror games) is in this game, and, without giving too much away for those of you who (for some strange reason) haven’t played this incredible game, does not involve the pseudo-zombie/Cordyceps fungal species. Joel is a fantastic character, not your typical knight in shining armour-type, which makes him all the more likeable for me. The development of Ellie as a character is what does it for me, you end up really caring what happens to her, and the section where you play as her for a period is fun. A real must-play.

2. Skyrim (XBOX360) vs Batman Arkham City (XBOX360)

Fiona: Being Dovahkiin is the greatest honour that has ever been bestowed to me in gaming history. I literally died when I played Skyrim. And then picked up from where I last autosaved. It looks beautiful and the storyline and quests are all superb, and let's not forget the precious slow-mo kills. I love slow motion kills, it was one of my favourite things about Fallout 3, but it's satisfing being a murdered in Skyrim (guess which Brotherhood I tend to join). It's another one of those games where you can just do whatever you damn like so sometimes I'll just go hunting in the mountains or explore forests and caves. I've clocked so many hours on so many different games and thanks to DLC there is still so much I have to discover. I will never get bored of Skyrim.

Matthew: Again, I had a difficult time picking between Arkham City and Arkham Asylum, but I think the more open world style of AC clinched it. Don’t get me wrong, I adore AA, but being able to glide around the city as Batman is sweeeeeet. The combat system is incredible, the stealth gameplay intense, and problem solving satisfying. I always have such fun playing AC – the main story is paced really well and the side stories and missions are interesting and well worth their salt. The characters deserve a mention too – there are so many from the main characters you would expect, to the more obscure but equally as fantastic.

1. The Sims 3 (PC) vs Sid Meier's Civilisation V (PC)

Fiona: How could my top spot not go to The Sims 3? By far, my favourite of all games in The Sims franchise. I literally spend hours on the computer working through generations, careers and challenges that people make in forums. I love playing with genetics and families, and it's a nice bonus that I'm essentially a God. The Sims 3 started my love for blogging even though I didn't really realise I was blogging at the time. But there you go. so much freedom, amazing graphics and so much humour. At the minute I am not a huge fan of The Sims 4, the novelty has worn off and I'm now waiting for the great expansion packs (and then for them to drop in price because, come on EA, I'm not a money cow, stop milking it)

Matthew: Civilisation is one of the only PC games I play and it’s my absolute favourite. It’s one of those games where you lose track of time. You play as a great leader from history and their respective civilisation against other civilisations. You can win by various means including domination (military takeover), technological/science (akin to winning the space race), and diplomatic (majority vote in the World Congress).  The DLC enhances it; Gods and Kings revamped the early game which is my favourite part as I have a soft spot for ancient history to begin with. Brave New World added so much more depth with tourism and an overhaul of the culture system as well as adding a new victory type – diplomatic – with the World Congress. Add to that the different leaders and civs that have been added and the DLC isn’t just a money-making gimmick. The icing on the cake for me is the soundtrack which is outstanding, especially England’s (Elizabeth) music, based around Jupiter from Holst’s Planets (well, I Vow To Thee My Country) which is my favourite piece of music.

Fandom Fridays are so much fun! If you like the look of them so get involved (here is the prompts list), it's always awesome to see more Fandom Fridays as well as meeting more FGBloggers! What games do you love to play?

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  1. Heh, I loved the comparisons, what a good idea! I 'scored' 2/5 for you and 1/5 for the boyfriend: I love the Sims, Skyrim and Civ as well. :)

  2. Excellent choices! CIV is one of those ones that is in my top 10 but didn't quite break it to my top 5 :)

    1. Yeah, for me Civ is something I pick up now and then, really play intensively for a while and then let go of again. It didn't make it to my top 5 either, as that is really about the games I'm playing now. Still a good game, though. :)

    2. I agree completely, that totally matches my playing style :)

  3. I am currently obsessed with Fallout 3, can't believe I didn't play it sooner!


    1. I haven't played it in a while now (currently getting back in to Skyrim) but I really want to start a new Fallout game. It's too good.