6 April 2015

11 More Disney Cat Names for your Fur Baby (1980's-90's)

Funnily enough I have nothing better to do than sit and organise cat names and since my previous posts (looking at Disney films from the 1940-1960's and the 1970's) so here are some more! This time we're looking in to the 1980's-90's (and a lot more bad guys too)

Tod or Vixey (The Fox and the Hound, 1981): From a surname meaning "fox", derived from Middle English todde(Behind The Name)

Felicia (The Great Mouse Detective, 1986): Feminine form of the Latin name Felicius, a derivative of FELIX(Behind The Name)

Oliver (Oliver & Company, 1988)

Rajah (Aladdin, 1992)

Simba (The Lion King, 1994)

Nala (The Lion King, 1994)

Mufasa (The Lion King, 1994)

Sarabi (The Lion King, 1994)

Scar (The Lion King, 1994)

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Sabor (Tarzan, 1999)

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  1. Tod is such a cute name for a cat, but I think it would be hilariously awesome to call a cat Mufasa.

    1. I can imagine a lot more cats being raised up like Simba if they were named anything from the Lion King - Mufasa is totally hilarious! I didn't even realise how great it would be until I imagined a cute little ginger furball actually called Mufasa.

  2. I love this post so much! Disney is so wonderful, and so are kitties!

    1. It's truly the most winning combination!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'd love to have loads of cats named after Disney characters :D