9 March 2015

Top 10 Disney Soundtracks

Just a little warning, I got so many emotions listening to these songs and writing about them. I'm such a huge Disney fan and I can't get over the music. What genius made these songs, you know? Can I commission them to make the soundtrack to my life? Anyway, it was really difficult to pick only 10 Disney films based on their soundtrack, and then focusing only on one song as well.

10. Brother Bear

A favourite from my childhood. Me and my brother watched this to death because it was wonderful on so many different levels. On My Way has made it on to my list basically because the film as a whole is beautiful and this song montage is awesome. This is when they get close and become more like brothers before the heartbreaking confession as to why Koda isn't with his mother.

9. The Princess and The Frog

I remember being so psyched when The Princess and The Frog came out and it's one of the most perfect Disney films. My favourite character is of course, Raymond. He's so innocent and hilarious. I can't tell you how many times I've seen the moment you meet Ray because it makes me laugh every time. I love the soundtrack from The Princess and The Frog, this one probably just sticks out ot me more because it's Ray (although I do love his song for Evangeline but I can't have all the sad songs)

8. Tarzan

Never overlook Tarzan. It's not particularly a favourite of mine but the music is something else. Last summer (I think) we had this on in the background and the music just stuck out so much, even the title: Strangers Like Me (because they're humans like him but strangers because he's not accustomed to their appearance). Chills.

7. Tangled

I'm not even joking, I began playing I See The Light and my eyes teared up. I really want to put this higher up the list but I can't explain why it deserves to be just at number 7 but Tangled doesn't even make it to my boyfriend's list (I don't know, he musn't have a heart or something). This is my favourite moment in the entire movie.

6. Beauty and the Beast

Growing up, Belle was my favourite princess and my mum was sick of me watching this again and again and again. I loved it so much and still do. Funnily enough, I thought I would pick Tale as Old as Time for this song then I remembered one of my favourite villain songs ever. Gaston. He's such a tool but you can't knock his song.

5. The Lion King

I'm going to follow up with probably the most epic villain song ever. Not only is Scar dastardly, this whole video (and obviously, scene of the movie) is visually brilliant. I know I've caught myself singing Be Prepared on so many ocassions: before exams, packing - basically any scenario I am preparing something. 

4. Hercules

Bless my soul, Herc was on a roll. Music in Hercules is short and sweet, there is like 6 videos in the playlist I regularly listen to. But those songs are so catchy and give me the gooseflesh. My favourite being Zero to Hero of course. I was so obsessed with the video that one day (when I was young, I'm talking primary school) I stole a sheet of graph paper from school so I could colour each square in with the corresponding dress colour. God, I was a nerd.

3. Mulan

This film is brilliant for so many reasons and I love a lot of the songs Mulan has to offer but we all know which one I'm going to pick right? I'll make a Man out of You - the song that provokes ALL the FEELS in the way only a montage can. Like, I can see Mulan (and all the others as well, but we only really care about our bad girl Mulan)

2. The Lion King 2

Obviously The Lion King was going to feature on my list, but The Lion King 2? Yes, definitely. Have you heard He Lives In You? Treat Yo Self, and listen to the live musical version because it's perfect and makes me just weep because I'll never be over Mufasa's death and this is probably one of the only sequels that doesn't ruin the franchise. Good job Disney.

1. Frozen

Not even sorry that this is number one. I literally cry when I listen to this soundtrack and get every FEEL possible. The very first time I saw Frozen was with my brother and sister and I don't know, it's the sibling love. I got all swept up in it.

What are your top 10? Try and pick only 10, It's hard.


  1. I was hoping so bad not to see Frozen on the list haha, I must be the only giant Disney fan that doesn't love Frozen.
    Great list though! Hercules is so underrated and has a great soundtrack!!

    Best wishes, Danielle xo

    1. Hercules is one of my favourites for sure! Frozen has to be on for me, it's lovely. I don't get swept up in the whole "it was the first to-" because I've seen pretty much all the Disney but Frozen was phenomenal.

  2. Everything from Tangled is so important to me, because it's very much like my life and I wish I were kidding for the beginning, but thankful for the end!!!

    1. I feel like I'm waiting for my life to being (which sounds lame now that I write it out) but Tangled is wonderful. I always get emotional watching it because that speaks to me on another level

  3. Beauty and the Beast foreveerrrr <3 Princess and the Frog is so good too, though!

    1. It is! I just need to Disney marathon all these films - I miss them so much

  4. The music from Tarzan and Mulan is especially good, I think!

    1. Couldn't agree more ^^ I normally overlook Tarzan and I really shouldn't I love the music