23 March 2015

The Dreamsnatcher by Abi Elphinstone*

Before I get in to what The Dreamsnatcher* is about and why you should read it, I wanted to take a moment and pine over the cover designed by the talented Thomas Flintham (who also did the cover for other children books like The Last Wild by Piers Torday). It's literally one of the sharpest, most beautiful and colourful covers I've seen on a children's book and I couldn't wait to add this to my shelf on the basis that it looks phenomenal.

Yes, it's beautiful. But how does it hold up as a story? You know, I actually loved this. This novel is aimed for kids but is quite dark. Moll is a gypsy and has always felt like an outsider in her camp. As soon as she is starting to marginally fit in, Skull (a witch doctor from a different camp) is out to kill her. Not only that, but as the story ramps up we learn more about the mystery of Moll's parents and get introduced to her friend Alfie who has a secret past. I would, and do, recommend this one for kids (sort of 11+) who are looking for a little bit of magic and a lot of adventure and action in their novel. It's great for girls to have such a strong female character to read about (and she befriend's a wildcat and aren't cats just the greatest?) You can watch an introductory video for the novel here. This is Abi Elphinstone's first novel which will be a series as Moll fights against the powers of the Shadowmasks. It is wonderfully written for a kids book and I think advanced readers will really sink their teeth in to this one. 

You can also watch some Q&A with Abi Elphinstone answering some questions surrounding The Dreamsnatcher. It's always fantastic to hear how an author finds inspiration and creates the world and story around characters, so yes, definitely worth a watch (especially aspiring authors)

The Dreamsnatcher

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I'm pretty sure Abi Elphinstone is a British Author so I'm counting this read towards my British Books Challenge


  1. Oh my god that cover is EVERYTHING. I'm a sucked for a good cover hahah! I'll have to add this one to my Goodreads!

    1. The artist has a website and I spent ages looking at his stuff. I'm a sucker for a good cover!