18 February 2015

Guide: How to get the Magus Sisters in FFX

I don't know about anyone else but for me, when I'm in the middle of the game and looking for help I hate going through forums to find a bunch of different answers and have to wonder what is right. And all the different searching when people only part answer a question. I've devised this post, mainly for myself in the future, to help get the Magus Sisters and all the nuisancey little things you need to do in order to get them in as short a version as possible.


This is a spoilered post only because you can only get the Magus sisters after travelling to Zanarkand and the events that transpire there. I won't go in to them but the fact that there is an after part is a bit of a spoiler in itself.

In Short:
  1. Attain Blossom Crown
  2. Train a chocobo in order to ride one to access Remiem Temple
  3. Attain Flower Scepter
  4. Enlist the help of Yojimbo
  5. Have Anima
  6. (Which requires destruction spheres from all of the temples)
If you only have the Blossom Crown and Flower Scepter the door will remain inactive when you touch it (it's a waste of a trip, trust me) so you also need to have the aeons Anima and Yojimbo helping you too. These can be done in pretty much any order and all can be done after Zanarkand so don't worry if you didn't manage to do all of these before you have access to the airship.

1. Where do I find the Blossom Crown?

In the Calm Lands there is a Monster Arena, the guy there wants you to catch all of the monsters in Mt. Gagazet and will then give you this item. You don't need to capture all the monsters in the Calm Lands to prompt a cue to get the Mt. Gagazet monsters - just go for them. You'll find the monsters in the different areas of Mt. Gagazet so you'll basically go to the top and come back down but a transporter does appear as a shortcut. Full list of monsters and the areas you find them:

The Road up Mt. Gagazet:
  • Bandersnatch
  • Grenade
  • Grat
  • Grendel
Cave monsters:
  • Ahriman
  • Dark Flan
  • Bashura
  • Mandragora
  • Behemoth
  • Splasher (in the water)
  • Achelous (in the water)
  • Maelspike (in the water)
There is also the Imp and Nidhogg in this area but they count towards other areas when you capture them so don't get too hung up.

2. How do I get a Chocobo? Where is the chocobo lady?

You have to speak with the Chocobo lady-rider and train a chocobo. The Chocobo Lady moves depending on how you enter the Calm Lands. From Bevelle she will be in the North West corner, From Mt.Gagazet/Cavern of the Fayth north entrance keep left and she will be just near this entrance, (stick as close left as she can be hidden by the camera angle and if she isn't there exit by that entrance and reenter). From the airship, she will be just south of the save sphere/shop point (credit)

You only need to train it to go straight in order to ride a chocobo as you please, the other challenges will get you rewards including a Key Sphere (3, if I'm not mistaken) so it can be worth doing all the challenges she gives.

3. Where do I find the Flower Scepter?

Belgemine gives you it after you defeat her aeons up to Bahamut (so Valefor, Ifrit, Ixion, and Shiva too) in the Temple of Remiem which is only accessed by Chocobo - you can challenge her Anima and Magus Sisters summons later to get other prizes but for the sake of just attaining the Magus Sisters those battles aren't necessary. If you didn't fight Belgemine along the way (guilty) you receive the Abilities and Attributes rewards for your aeons here too.

4. How do I get Yojimbo?

Yojimbo is located at the back of the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth in the Calm Lands area (before Mt. Gagazet in that area with the bridges, the path that leads under the bridge gets you to this Cavern). Yojimbo will only help your party after you defeat the unsent summoner (who summons Yojimbo) and then asks for a price, and that price depends on which option you select:

Option 1: To train as a summoner. (300,000 gil)
Option 2: To gain the power to destroy fiends. (270,000 gil)
Option 3: To defeat the most powerful of enemies. (250,000 gil)

You can haggle to get the lowest price. Your offer (if you can't match his price) should be half the asking price plus 1 gil. This lowers his asking price and you are able to make another counter offer, again half his new price and add one. Do not go lower than 190,000 gil. You can see a lot more detail in this post.

5. How do I get Anima?

Definitely the most awesome aeon. Anima can be attained at the Baaj Temple which can only be accessed by Cid's airship (input coordinates: X=11-16, Y=57-63; credit and more codes/coordinates). This place will look familiar as it is where Sin first brought Tidus, and that fiend that tried to eat him is still there for you to fight.

Once the battle is won the only way to attain Anima is to have used all of the Destruction spheres in previous temples. In Baaj temple there are siz statues - one for each temple. When you approach each of the six statues they should light up showing which ones you've already done so won't need to return too. On the left (from back/furthest to front/closest): Besaid, Macalania & Zanarkand. On the right (from back/furthest to front/closest): Bevelle, Djose and Kilika.

Bevelle's is impossible to miss so head to the far right statue to see what I mean. If nothing happens then you have to return to each of those temples in order to complete the Cloister of Trials again (with added bonus of short cutscenes and treasure so it is rewarding)

6. How do I go back to the temples to get the destruction spheres?

Do not panic. The airship gives you the ability to travel back to the temples in order to re-do the Cloister of Trials in each. The airship becomes your means of travel after you leave Zanarkand having defeated Yunalesca. If you travel to temples and guards stop you from getting close (literally kick you out) you need to go to Bevelle Highbridge in order to see the cutscene that clears Yuna's name.

There are no coordinates to get you straight to the temples but they aren't too far from the save spheres and fiends you encounter really won't be a challenge. I'm going to link to the walkthroughs on each Cloister that I used when I needed to return to temples myself having missed them first time around because they were easy to follow, and I didn't have to return to all of them. Just skip to the header Cloister of Trials:

Bevelle (can't return so this is more for your first run throughs)

*On returning you may have to fight Dark Aeons depending on which version you have so be prepared. Then return to Baaj Temple and you'll have done what is needed in order to get you access to Anima, one of the most powerful summons in my opinion. 

When you've got all of the items above return to Remiem Temple and press (X) on the pink shield that is blocking your path and you'll go in and get the Magus Sisters straight away. It's a lot of work but the three sisters are pretty badass when they actually do things (sometimes you give them commands and they take a break so it can be frustrating) - they are definitely worth the trouble. 

Have any more questions or need further explanations? Leave a comment below and I'll help the best I can (even leave a link to your blog/profile/some kind of social media and I'll get back to you so you get notified of the reply)

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  1. I STILL have a save that has carried over to my PS2 to my PS3 where I have all the summons and everyone has all their legendary gear and stuff. I also did this for FFX-2 and FF7. I don't have the heart to delete them because of how many hours I put into them, haha.

    1. RIGHT! I have old games of Skyrim and other things that I'll probably not continue but can never delete because of all the hours I clocked! Nice job getting all the legendary gear! I gave up on it and normally get attached to weapons I get early on in the game