16 January 2015

Favourite Things About Winter #Fandom5

Last Friday I wanted to post my Ruby Redfort review so missed out on #Fandom5. I wrote this for that Friday and I want to share it now even though it's a week late. I'm a Winter girl. I don't mind Summer, Spring and Autumn, they're nice enough, but when it comes to Winter I become a truly happy person and here is why:

Lazy Days

You can't knock a lazy day, and when Winter comes around I feel like lazy days are justifiable; it's too cold outside, so many boxsets I received at Christmas to watch, nothing important is going to happen now until Spring so why should I move? I just want one day.


I love Christmas, so that makes Winter a winner by default. I always seem to have a job around Christmas and even though the weather gets more miserable everyone seems cheery on the run up to Christmas. I know Christmas is over now, way over, but I still have Christmas chocolates and gifts I haven't played with yet so Christmas is still in the air.

Hot Chocolate

Thank you very much. I drink tea every day, but when Winter is upon us the old hot chocolate comes out and suddenly I'm allowed to have a chocolatey treat in liquid form. You can also melt marshmallows and have whipped cream with all sorts on top and you can't really do that with tea (although we can dip biscuits so I don't know)


Layer me up. I love wearing a shirt under a jumper under a hoodie or a coat or something. I don't particularly like being out in the cold, no, but I do enjoy a good baggy jumper to hide under.


I don't know if it's just because I'm hungry now or what but I always seem to eat more food in Winter but that's okay. Working on my winter layers and I'll shed the pounds later on in the year when I have to start worrying about not wearing layers. Food is also brilliant this time of year, and I don't understand why, but I love eating.

Yeah, there are my 5 favourite things about Winter, and they are so simple it's a little sad. What do you enjoy about this time of year?

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  1. I always think that I don't like winter...but I think that I might!! All those things are exactly perfect and since we don't have crazy cold weather here in Los Angeles, I'm ok with it! xx

    1. It's nice when you're not outside in it! The UK is mainly just windy and wet so I hate venturing outdoors