30 January 2015

Casualwear Inspired by The Little Mermaid's Ariel

When I made an Ariel outfit for Journeys are my Diary's Disney Fashion competition, I was so excited. I know Ariel is the source of a lot of inspiration when it comes to outfits and I'm probably not bringing anything new to the table here - however, I love mermaids and The Little Mermaid and just Ariel's colour scheme so I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity.

1. Red Cardigan: £15 | 2. Crab Earrings: £12 | 3. Purple Crop Top: £8 | 4. Denim Trousers: £20 | 5. Dinglehopper Necklace: £11 | 6. Green Converse: £27

I just did a casual look since I've seen so many swimsuit versions and I also wanted to avoid using a skirt if I could. I was so chuffed at the colours I found for the converse and jeans and how they mimic (or close enough) the different shades of green that make up Ariel's tail. I wanted the flowing red of Ariel's hair to make up a big part of the outfit rather than a small hair accesory hence a big cardigan over the purple crop top. And lastly, the jewelry, which again I personally really like - I did little crab earrings because Sebastian is always looking out for or near Ariel in the film and then a Dinglehopper necklace because she loves her collection.

It was this outfit that won the competition! I was thrilled because I put so much thought in to this piece and the other entries were fantastic too. I have to say thanks to Bel for running such a fun competition, I loved making all of my entries and seeing what others made too. I definitely can't wait to make more Disney inspired outfits!