22 December 2014

The Grinch that Inspired Partywear

Okay, you got me. I do not attend parties regularly enough to know what is and what isn't acceptable to wear. I've given it a shot though (for a kind of formal casual look) and in true Christmas spirit it is inspired by my another favourite character of mine when I'm thinking about Christmas: The Grinch!

For Her: 1. Bow Headband £8.11 | 2. Red Dress £30 | 3. Faux Cream Pearl Bracelet £8.48 | 4. Green Velvet Creepers £47
For Him: 5. Green Bowtie £8.10 | 6. Red Long Sleeve Shirt £12 | 7. White Watch £44

I decided to have a go at trying to make an outfit for Him & Her with both the main colours being red with a nice clashing green her and there. In an ideal world, all of the green would be Grinch-shade, or even just one shade across the whole look, but I've made do with the different shades. It'll still work. I decided to try and mimic the white cotton trimmings through pearls and a white watch (sorry gents, I'm very unimaginative when it comes to accessorising for men) and I could have added a lot more white but I don't want to break up the red and green very much.


  1. Cute! Love the creepers.


    1. Thanks! I do too, I need another pair on my life