5 December 2014

Nerdy Gift Ideas

Buying Christmas gifts is one of the hardest task I face this time of year. I struggle with the non-geeky gifts but when it comes to buying beautiful presents for my nearest and nerdiest I have next to no trouble at all. What I'm about to list is generally what I've got people for Christmas or had in mind to.

I feel like there aren't enough board games in the world sometimes, but these make brilliant Christmas gifts because I don't know about you guys but I'm always playing them on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and even up to New Year because there isn't a lot else to do. The best thing about giving a board game is you essentially pick the game to play. I would pick Sherlock Cluedo because then at least I'll get to see Benedict's face for an extended period of time.

Another hilarious game to play is Cards Against Humanity* and now that there is a UK edition there is no excuse for us British to not jump on The Cards Against Humanity bandwagon. If you have a bit of a twisted sense of humour, like myself, then this is the perfect gift. I received it for my birthday (was it only this year!?) and I love it.

And another game I love is Bananagrams*. My boyfriend got this in America years ago but I've seen it cropping up in the UK a lot more recently. Maybe that's just me finally paying attention to things like this. It's a fun game to play, sort of a free range Scrabble game since it is easy to change your words around as necessary. So if you know someone who likes words then this is right up their street.

You can't go wrong with Pop figures, they are adorable and so collectable! I love Guardians of the Galaxy and you can own your own little Rocket Raccoon Pop* or Starlord or Groot. I have to stop, I might cry. Pop! figures don't stop there either, literally every TV or Film or anything in a franchise seems to have a Pop! figure. I've seen Disney ones too that made me squeal because they were so cute. I've already bought two. I'm not complaining though, it's just going to make it hard to catch them all. 

The Sleeper and the Spindle

"A thrillingly reimagined fairy tale from the truly magical combination of author Neil Gaiman and illustrator Chris Riddell - weaving together a sort-of Snow White and an almost Sleeping Beauty with a thread of dark magic, which will hold readers spellbound from start to finish." This book is truly an object of beauty. I've bought this for someone I know who is a huge Neil Gaiman fan but it is suitable for people of all ages and such a well put together book, honestly. Bookshelves around the world need this on them.

Anything Game of Thrones. It's my first Christmas since watching Game of Thrones (and reading it too) and I know it's going to be a big theme in my gifts, I can just tell. There is so much merchandise to get your hands on, my favourite is the House of Stark Journal* (long live the Starks! Haha....Oh wat) but there is a selection of other sigils to choose from.

Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling

"Enact your favourite lightsaber battles from all six Star Wars films! Simply attach the two plastic lightsabers - one blue and one red - to duelling thumbs with Velcro, and enact your favourite battle scenes. Each of the seven spreads acts as a 'game board', or a stage for battle." One for Star Wars fans. Honestly, this looks like the most fun. Each page is a different scene so you can reinact famous battle scenes, but with thumbs instead.

Giving a pizza cutter isn't exactly the greatest idea when you think about it like that, but a  Star Trek Pizza Cutter* shaped like the Enterprise? Beam me up, Scotty. It's perfect for the geek that loves to cook or bake because we all love pizza and need novelty pizza cutters in our lives. 

Also, remember when I did that post about the awesome card I got that was nerdy and beautiful? They are Christmas cards too that would go hand in hand with some of these items.

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  1. There are some Supernatural themed boardgames too! And you can never go wrong with CAH!

    1. CAH is my favourite! It's hilarious, I've seen Walking Dead, Big Bang Theory, Star Wars, LOTR themed board games too - there are so many !

  2. I love buying nerdy gifts, but like you I hate buying anything else! Great ideas!


  3. These are all excellent gift ideas! I bought that pizza cutter for my BFF's husband one year (he's a huge Trekkie) and it is AWESOME. Actually so much more heavy duty than I was expecting! CAH is amazing, of course. The Sleeper and The Spindle looks wondrous as well; I love Neil Gaiman's writing and judging by the cover the illustrations look lovely!

    1. Chris Ridell is an awesome illustrator I believe he did Gaiman's Fortunatly the Milk but Ridell also does some kids one of his own (Goth Girl) They're lovely illustrations and The Sleeper and Spindle is all black and white with some gold so it's just gorgeous

  4. Bananagrams was my son's first intro to Scrabble-type games, when he was maybe 5 years old. Easier way to start!

    1. That is awesome! I didn't know what age you could start playing :) it's definitely a nice intro into scrabble and other wordy games similar