18 December 2014

Nerdy Christmas Decorations you need on your Tree

I'm a bit of a collector when it comes to Christmas decorations. For the past 5 years I've purchased one a year with the plan that when I eventually get my own place I'll have loads of cool little ornaments. Obviously, my favourites have a bit of a geeky flare to them and today I thought I'd share some of my favourite finds.

Breaking Bad Walter White Heisenberg Christmas Ornament

Always Doe Ornament, Wood Ornament, Harry Potter Ornament, Hand Painted Ornament, Patronus Ornament

The Walking Dead: Don't Open, Dead Inside Inspired | Christmas Tree Ornament

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Build-it Kit Mini Christmas Tree Ornament

Game of Thrones Inspired - Winter Is Coming - A Hand Stamped Ornament

I actually purchased this awesome Game of Thrones beauty as my ornament for 2014 and it is a beautiful addition to my collection!

Harry Potter Ornament - Mischief Managed - Aluminum Deathly Hallows Christmas Ornament

Star Wars ornament from Miss J Designs: set of 4 for £14.00
CYBER MONDAY get 10% off Star Wars inspired Christmas Ornament Decorations set of 4, comes in 4 shapes and 4 colours!

I have a similar Storm Trooper ornament from another place that I bought last year for my 2013 ornament but it doesn't look like they're re-doing them this year. The one above is almost exactly the same.

Lord of the Rings Glass Ornament

Superhero ornaments from CraftedFromJoy: 3 for £19.56

Rocket and Baby Groot, Guardians of the galaxy. Nerdy christmas ornaments.

Most of these (if not all) are from America because they always have the best products. We definitely need more nerdy people in the UK to supply us with awesome crafty goodies so we can get them this close to Christmas and still use them.

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Images used in this post are from the site linked, none are my own. All prices correct at time of posting.


  1. LOVE these, I did a kind of similar post last week but not of ones I own sadly!


    1. I wish I owned more of them but just the two sadly :) I'll have to check it out :) thanks for the comment!

  2. I love the Baby Groot and Lego one! Awwweeee <3

    1. Literally squealed when I saw baby Groot - it's too much for me :)

  3. I definitely need to up my geek decorations for next year! We only have a couple (a Princess Peach & Toad ornament, the hubs has a Boba Fett ornament, and some dinosaur ones for our little) and I want more!

    1. They sound awesome! I literally only want nerdy ones on my tree :)