8 December 2014

Casualwear Inspired by Elf's Buddy

I'm so excited because today I am sharing another one of those fun outfit posts I've pulled together and it is inspired by my favourite film for this time of year: Elf! Buddy the Elf is so energetic and colourful (not to mention THE best film for Christmas - so quotable).

1. White Blouse: £15 | 2. Green Jumper: £59 | 3. Yellow Denim Jeans: £166 | 4. Christmas Tree Earrings: £3.99 | 5. Black Vans: £50 | 6. Belt: £3.99

He just makes me so happy! I decided to keep it casual although I'm getting a bit of a formal-casual vibe from the outfit. I've tried to stay as true to Buddy as possible then added some fun Christmas Tree earrings because I love Christmas almsot as much as buddy!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I love it too, I can't wait to watch it this year :D

  2. Um. I need this entire outfit and I need it now!

    1. I might have to recreate this in person and wear it to work. It's the second best way to spread Christmas cheer