10 November 2014

Sportswear Inspired by Final Fantasy X-2's Rikku*

I was asked to make a game day outfit for baseball by Fanatics, and I was all - Sport and I don't get on great, I don't even know what Sport is up to these days. Since they're after more of a fashion post I thought I'd make an attempt anyway, and to keep it nerdy and real I decided to base it off the wonderful Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2*.

1. Kansas City Cap: £13.73 | 2. Orange Headphones: £? | 3. Marathon Shorts: £16 | 4. Sprint Top: £22 | 5. White & Blue Running Shoes: £90 | 6. White Sweatbands: £4.38

The reason I chose Rikku was due to the fact that I'd been asked to use a baseball cap as part of the get up and I immediately went for the brightest one: Kansas City (are they good?). I kept as close as possible to Rikku's colours: yellow sprint top and a khaki green for the shorts complete with white and blue running trainers, white wristbands and to mimic the scarf - orange headphones! If I cosplayed as a character for workouts I'd probably do a lot more working out.

 photo fiona_zps1032f091.png
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  1. Loving your look, very sporty and colourful. The headphones are essential when running

    1. Thank you! I hate running without the distraction of music, it's such a chore