17 November 2014

Disney Fashion Competition by Journeys are my Diary

Recently I stumbled across Journeys are my Diary's Disney Fashion Competition and because I have been well and truly bitten by the Polyvore set making bug I thought, why not? It's so much fun making sets and you don't need to tell me twice to make something Disney influenced.

What I've decided to do is compile all my Disney outfits in this one post (since that is okay in the rules) but not give my thoughts or any commentary because what I will do instead is give each outfit an individual post be it in a month or a year or mores time. Something to look forward too! Without further ado, here are my Disney inspired looks: 

Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty (1959)

1. Tribal Earrings: £16 | 2. Draped Dress: £55 | 3. Green Nail Varnish: £15 | 4. Lace Choker: £6 | 5. Skull Zipped High Heels: £31

Ariel from The Little Mermaid (1989)

1. Red Cardigan: £15 | 2. Crab Earrings: £12 | 3. Purple Crop Top: £8 | 4. Denim Trousers: £20 | 5. Dinglehopper Necklace: £11 | 6. Green Converse: £27

Belle from Beauty and the Beast (1991)

1. White Jacket: £10 | 2. Polka-Dot Blue Sundress: £22 | 3. Blue Vintage Bandana Scarf: £9 | 4. Rose Stud Earrings: £24 | 5. Book Necklace: £16 | 6. Harlow High Heels: £28

Rafiki from The Lion King (1994)

1. Grey Cardi: £50 | 2. Three Monkeys Tee: £6.22 ! 3. Beaded Necklace: £12 | 4. Matte Red Lipstick: £3.99 |  5. Grey Skinny Jeans: £28 | 6. Blue Vans: £22

Chuckles from Toy Story 3 (2010)

1. Yellow Blouse: £22 | 2. Red Earrings: £5.61 | 3. Button Necklace: £8.77 | 4. Blue Hair Bobbles: £3 | 5. Purple Belted Skater Skirt: £13 | 6. Red Converse: £31

So there it is! My Disney inspired outfit range and I managed to not pick ridiculously priced items (for once). This competition is open to UK residents until 2nd December so if this is the sort of thing you enjoy then get on it! More rules can be found on the announcement post.


  1. These are great! I think I like Ariel and Chuckles the best, although Maleficent is pretty fab too!

    1. Thank you! They are my favourites too, I just did Rafiki and Belle because I love their characters but Ariel's colour scheme is my absolute favourite

  2. Cute outfits! I think the Ariel one was particularly successful. Polyvore is so addictive!

    1. Many thanks!! I'm hooked on it, I've made so many that I've had to spread them to be released in the New Year

  3. What a great post and idea!! Would you like to follow each other on GFC?! Let me know and follow me on my blog, I will follow you right back on both GFC and Bloglovin!

  4. These are beautiful! Thank you for entering my competition!

    1. Thank you for running such an awesome competition where I get to combine Disney and Polyvore. I had so much fun making these :D

  5. So cute! I am particularly smitten with Maleficent's outfit and that blue polka dot dress for Belle. Gorgeous.

  6. Congratulations, you came first in my competition! Email me with your address so I can send the prize!