18 November 2014

Cal's Own Turns Two*

Last night I was invited along to my first ever blogger event at Cal's Own to celebrate their second birthday! I spent the evening with the wonderful Sam (North East Family Fun), Chloe (New Girl in Toon), Shivani (Cloud in a Teacup) and Shivani's friend who were all welcoming and friendly to a little newbie like me.

Let's talk about the food. The way the event was set up would be best described as a running buffet where it was a help yourself affair with platter after platter of food sent from the kitchens. The first round was olives with balsamic vinegar and oil, I didn't have any of these as I'm not a fan of olives but I was in my element when they brought out the bread. I'm trying to remember how Paul Hollywood would describe bread and failing, but I know he would be impressed. It came out warm and nicely baked - the dough had a bit of a bounce and was the nicest texture, then the crust was chewy in that wonderfully bready way. I literally had about 4 slices, I love bread, I could honestly eat it for every meal (especially what I had here!) or just eat it all the time without stopping.

Then after the bread came chicken, meatballs and sausages. It was so busy I couldn't grab any great photos of these but I can tell you now, I loved the meatballs. Both the meatballs and the sausages had a spicyness to them (the sausages more so than the meatballs) and the meatballs that came in their own little sauce, which I'm presuming was all handmade, may have been a bit of a nightmare when combined with paper plates, but were exceptional in texture and flavour.

And then the main event: pizza. Cal's Own must be big believers in go big or go home because the slices served were huge and I was so full afterwards. I had a deep pan (there were also thin Italian style which I've had in the past) and the bread that made the base was the same texture as we had been served earlier (minus the crust, it was all beautifully soft bread). It was topped with pepperoni's, I want to say sausage meat, cheese (I think at least two different types but I'm no cheese expert) and wonderful tomato paste/sauce. I want to be bold and say this is the best pizza on Chillingham Road, forget about Dominoes (especially now that Cal's Own deliver only on certain days), if you want Brooklyn pizza you will not be disappointed.

I was reading the post I did earlier in the year about my first visit which reminded me that this was the place I fell in love with grape soda so I have to give the biggest thank yous to the staff for supplying me with my fizzy grape fix, it was much appreciated. They were also super friendly and busy little bees all night and deserve so much praise for all their effort that evening, working like a well oiled machine.

Happy Birthday Cal's Own! And here is to many more

A lot of people there will probably be saying the same thing: I'll be back. Which I will be for sure since we're planning on visiting on Saturday to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday and even though I was just there I can't wait to get back. Catch more updates with the hashtag: #CalsTurnsTwo

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  1. That food looks delicious! Especially the pizza, there is nothing quite like an excellent slice of deep dish. I sounds like it was a fun event.

    1. It was a lovely event and the food was fantastic! Pretty awesome for my first event :)