20 October 2014

Vod's Pink Skeleton Jumper Alternatives

Due to the success of my April Ludgate's Tabby Cat Jumper post I thought I would go ahead and give it another go. Recently I watched all 3 seasons of Fresh Meat and Vod is by far my favourite character in every sense. One thing I love about her is her wardrobe and one jumper in particular caught my eye (too bad I couldn't get an ace photograph of it though).

This jumper is originally from TopShop but other than that I can't really disclose the price. I can only presume it was available in 2011 as that is when the reviews are dated as well as when Fresh Meat season 1 was filmed. I've searched the internet for some other jumpers influenced by the one above in some way or another. I saved this for now because I thought it would fit in with October and the whole Halloween theme that accompanies this time of the month.

As mentioned in my previous post, I'm only finding jumpers that look cute, I don't own them and I can not vouch for the quality or site. None of the images are my own but I've linked the website they originate from and if you click on the image it should go straight to the website page the item features on. Prices may vary due to sales etc. So here we go:

Skeleton witch Sweater NOT(black white print black white fabric black white photography erotic black white necklace black white invitations)

Skeleton Witch Jumper from AreaDeath: £12.58

Womens SUGAR SKULL Tri-Blend Pullover  sweatshirt - american apparel S M L (heather black)

Sugar Skull pullover Sweater from Happy Family on etsy: £15.69

Skull Print Sweater from TopShop, available on Amazon: £24.99

Skull and Tartan Bow Jumper

Skull and Tartan Bow Jumper available at Quirky Celia: £30

Black Skull Print Longline Sweater By Sister**

Black Skull Print Jumper on Polyvore :£95

Skull Long Sleeved Sweater from Ralph Lauren: £110

Markus Lupfer 

Dancing Skeleton Jumper from Markus Lupfer: £315

Although a lot of these other examples aren't as colourful and stick with the expected white bones on black background there is so much variation in style. Got to love that. Which is your favourite? 


  1. Black Skull Print Jumper from Polyvore is definitely my favourite! Looks like you would be wearing a big skeleton necklace :)

    1. It's so different to others I've seen because of the necklace-like look :)