13 September 2014

10 Disney Cat Names for your new Fluffball (1940's-60's)

It is well established that I love cats and I have a few cat names up my sleeve for the day I get to name my own kitty (I do own a cat but he kept the name he was given when he was rescued). I've wanted to do a fun post on Disney cat names for a while so here it is. Even though Walt Disney wasn't a fan of cats, which really shows through the names and personality of some of these felines, I can't get enough of them. 

Figaro (Pinnocchio, 1940): "In modern French the word figaro has acquired the meaning "barber", reflecting the character's profession." (Behind the Name)

Gideon (Pinocchio, 1940): "Means "feller" or "hewer" in Hebrew." (Behind the Name)

Lucifer (Cinderella, 1950): "Means "bringing light", derived from Latin lux "light" and ferre "to bring". In Latin this name originally referred to the morning star, Venus, but later became associated with the chief angel who rebelled against God's rule in heaven (see Isaiah 14:12). Even later it became associated with Satan himself." (Behind the Name)

Dinah (Alice in Wonderland, 1951) "Means "judged" in Hebrew ... It has been used as an English given name since after the Protestant Reformation." (Behind the Name)

Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland, 1951)

Si or Am (Lady and The Tramp, 1955)

Sergeant Tibbs (One Hundred and One Dalmatians, 1961) 

Bagheera (The Jungle Book, 1967)

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Shere Khan (The Jungle Book, 1967): "From a title meaning "king, ruler"." (Behind the Name) 


  1. And let's not forget my favourite Disney cat: Thomasina (of The Three Lives of Thomasina).

    1. I've never seen that! I was looking more at the animated ones but I do love cat actors :3

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